EASY 3D Scanning with your iPhone X and Scandy Pro | Tutorial Uncle Jessy
6 months back
Really long detailed tutorial on using your iPhone X and Scandy Pro to create 3D Scans of your Head for 3D Printing and scaling replica props. Checkout ...
Pap janm ge 2 - MR.PASS & SCANDY (Official Video) SAJES NET ALE
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Scandy Heavytones - Topic
2 years back
Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Scandy · Heavytones Songs That Didn't Make It to the Show ℗ Herzog Records GmbH Released on: 2015-11-20 Music ...
Mokiyumen sosur yemoen iyep latest by Scandy and Josphat Karanja JOSPHAT KARANJA
6 months back
Latest bt Obot kipkorir and kwandap kipkorir.Please subscribe for more videos.
Scandy Pro for iOS v1.4.5 New Features - New UI, New File Export, Networked Scanning Scandy
1 years back
The new Scandy Pro for iOS allows start/stop scan with volume buttons, provides haptic feedback for tracking, and offers choice of file type (.ply, .stl, .obj) when ...
3D Scanning Tips for Scandy Pro Scandy
1 years back
How to get great 3D scans with Scandy Pro. Download Scandy Pro for iOS here: Turn your iPhone X into a full-color 3D ...
Scandy - Touch It consciousnessmatter
10 years back
From Scandy - Thirteen Ways to Masturbate.
2 months back
Scandy-это новинка 4 baby! Очень практичный стульчик для кормления в скандинавском стиле.
Scandy - Woofer Excursion Test Jon H.
11 years back
to drop bottom.. without bottoming out now in hd!
8 years back
Album: 13 Ways to Masturbate.
Scandy Demo: Volumetric Video Created With an iPhone X Scandy
12 months back
A demo of 4D Video / Volumetric Video streamed from an iPhone X as Scandy co-founder Cole Wiley explains Volumetric Video, the roadmap for Volumetric ...
Scandy - Just Human xXSilentHillerXx
8 years back
Album: 13 Ways To Masturbate.
SCANDY Scans With Your Smartphone zaone ro
8 years back
See more daily news about iDevices and Macs at
Scandy Pro for iPhoneX App Preview Scandy
1 years back
Scandy Pro for iOS allows iPhoneX users to capture and save full 3D models on their phone. Scandy Pro is available now: ...
My Life Size 3D Printed Head | Scandy Pro iPhone X 3D Scan Followup Uncle Jessy
6 months back
A quick followup to my video on scanning your head for 3D Printing using an iphone X and Scandy Pro. Checkout Scandy Pro ...
Scandy Pro - the easiest way to 3D Scandy
1 years back
Capture full color 3D scans with TrueDepth devices (iPhone X/XS/XR). Before Scandy Pro, the brave new world of 3D was only for 3D game designers and ...
Sqeezer - Scandy Randy (Handyman Mix) 90sEurogirl
9 years back
Sqeezer - Scandy Randy Eurodance 1995.
Scandy: "Soul Free" SymbioticDivisions
5 years back
Track #7 from the 2006 album "13 Ways to Masterbate"; music by Andy LaPlegua.
Scandy Pro Demo Working on the ASUS ZenFone AR as Proof of Concept Scandy
3 years back
The Scandy team got a Scandy Pro proof of concept running on the ZenFone AR in the office. The Scandy Pro app in the Play Store works for the Lenovo Phab 2 ...
MiM Scandy 2015 - Даша & Саша Matvey Studio
5 years back
MiM Scandy 2015 Даша & Саша.
Scandy Pro Model Cleanup with Meshmixer Demo Scandy
1 years back
Cleaning up a Scandy Pro for iOS 3D scan in Meshmixer. Download Scandy Pro for iOS: This scan of a face is going to be ...
Scandy Pro + pmd: High-Quality 3D Scanning for Android Scandy
3 years back
Scandy and pmd team up to create Scandy Pro, a high-quality, cost-effective 3D scanning solution for Android. Scandy also has Scandy Core, a 3D scanning ...
Midimiliz - Scandy Candy [d.Drum] electro1394
4 years back
Label: d.Drum ‎– GTN 1058.20 Format: CD, Album Country: Germany Released: 12 Mar 2001 w+p by Arne Schaffhausen, Wayan Raabe and Marcus C. Maichel ...
Using iPhone X Combo with Scandy Pro for 3D scanning Jimmy Gunawan
1 years back
Scandy Pro app recently got an update allowing iOS device to share screen while doing 3D scanning. For 3D scan we of course need at least one iPhone X or ...
Using a Phab 2 Pro and Scandy Pro to 3D Print a 3D scan Scandy
2 years back
We 3D printed a Pokemon! All it took was the Scandy Pro 3D scanner, some free software, and a 3D printer! Click the jump to see what we used to bring this ...
Scandy Pro 3D scanning—Now on Google Play Scandy
2 years back
Designed for Tango-enabled smartphones, this innovative new 3D scanner puts the power of easy 3D creation in your hands. Download it today ...
Scandy - So Do Eye (Greg Churchill Two Steps Forward Mix) ektoposny
9 years back
Andy LaPlegua (Combichrist, Panzer Ag, Icon Of Coil) doing his DJ thing.
Scandy Pro - Scanning Features Scandy
5 months back
Quick example of some of the tools Scandy Pro provides to prepare for a 3D scan Resolution Noise Reduction Color Download Scandy Pro for iOS for free today ...
Scandy Pro v1.5.8 new edit UI Scandy
8 months back
Showing new edit UI for Scandy Pro v1.5.8. Get it here
3 years back
o^)/*♡OPEN FOR MORE ♡*\(^o^)/* ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ We had lots of fun makinBusiness Inquires: [email protected] ~ ~ ~g this video! If you like this give it a ...
Scandy Core body measuring demo Scandy
2 years back
Go to to get in touch! In this demo we show Scandy Core running on the ASUS ZenFone AR with Tango to create 3D scan of person and get ...
BSLIVE XX / Processing Scandy Pro 3D Mesh Scan to Generate Texture Map Jimmy Gunawan
1 years back
In this episode, I talked about 3D photogrammetry scanning app called Scandy Pro and how you can use Blender to process the Vertex Color data using Cycles ...
Pap janm gen 2 mr pass feat scandy shany promo
4 months back
Remake by shany promo.
Scandy Pro - 3D Tools- Part I Scandy
5 months back
Quick example of some of the tools available for viewing 3D models in Scandy Pro Download Scandy Pro for iOS for free today
Scandy Core 3D scanning iPhone X demo Scandy
2 years back
Checkout Cappy or Scandy Pro to try the scanning out yourself: Scandy demos their 3D scanning ...
Scandy App Demo Scandy
4 years back
Capture the world around you in 3D with the Scandy app to create Scandy Spheres. Share your Scandy Sphere to social media or order full-color 3D printed ...
Iron Pitbull - Scandy Lori Beth
7 years back
Song © Andy LaPlegua/ Scandy No copyright infringement intended.
Scandy Pro decimate and crop Scandy
1 years back
Then we take a measurement in AR just to show off what you can use a 3D scan for! Taking measurements of course!