Mr Lordi - Finland Eurovision 2012 Voting


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  • FilipinoMapleLeaf2006
    FilipinoMapleLeaf2006  2 years back

    Finland gave.......
    08 points to Russia.
    10 points to Estonia.
    12 points to Sweden.

    All 3 countries are Finland's neighbors.
    A coincidence? Somehow.

    • Shane Tico
      Shane Tico  3 years back

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!

      • Eva Braun
        Eva Braun  5 years back

        @xXAnCChanXx It looks like you don't know your own country too well. :) This is the lead singer of Lordi, the group who won ESC in 2006. 

        Damn, I know that and I am from Slovenia. 
        (Plus, Hard Rock Hallelujah is an awesome song if you ask me)

        • F Gaming
          F Gaming  2 years back

          when lordi winned esc with hard rock hallelujah it was 5 months after i born

        • Arbs
          Arbs  4 years back

          +badassgladiatrix He never stated that he doesn't know who or what he is, he just said that we have a monster unlike the other countries

        • Nastasija Dencic
          Nastasija Dencic  5 years back

          Hah you are not alone mis. I know it too.i knew it sentse i was 7

      • Mehemmed Memmedeliyev
        Mehemmed Memmedeliyev  6 years back

        ........./ .../
        ......./ ....(__ __
        ▓▓.... ..... .((_ i___)
        ▓▓.... ..... .((_ i___)
        ▓▓.... ..... .((_ i___)
        ▓▓---.___((_ i__)

        • MrSecoBaba
          MrSecoBaba  6 years back

          "Mr" lordi 6 years old

          • Ines Proeski
            Ines Proeski  7 years back

            Who will tomorrow voting from Finland? It will be cool if mr. Lordi again give their votes from Finland :) <3 Lordi 4ever <3

            • Nahciksna
              Nahciksna  7 years back

              oh gawd why :D everyone else has some pretty/handsome lady/guy standing in front of their capital, and what do we have? a fucking monster and nature videos in the background xD ... well at least we used our imagination...

              • Áron Tüske
                Áron Tüske  2 months back

                That guy and his band won the Eurovision for you in 2006 so show some respect

            • Ravel Viirsalu
              Ravel Viirsalu  7 years back

              Estonia whas unexpected to hear, when i looked this vid :D
              Im from Estonia :)

              • musicmaria8
                musicmaria8  7 years back

                mr lordi 4ever

                • LackaDaisy
                  LackaDaisy  7 years back

                  Thank you finland :D you're the best!

                  • Nemanja Filipovic
                    Nemanja Filipovic  7 years back

                    Da :S Inace mi je favorit,neki su me prozvali Lordi zbog toga sto po ceo dan slusam njih...strasno..Al' 2 boda msm sramota :S

                    • MechanicalWWF
                      MechanicalWWF  7 years back

                      obozavam mr lordija al brte 2 boda,,,

                      • Nemanja Filipovic
                        Nemanja Filipovic  7 years back

                        Pa sto Srbiji 2 pobratime?