Eurovision 2019 Vlog - The Final


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  • Michi-R10
    Michi-R10  3 months back

    Norway was the best.Australia.....sorry-nono from me.

    • Delfien
      Delfien  4 months back

      Australia deserved better lol

      • Delfien
        Delfien  4 months back

        Australia was my favourite loll

        • Nathan Cassidy
          Nathan Cassidy  4 months back

          Hey I would love to go to Amsterdam and if I don’t get tickets is there anywhere good to watch it with a good Eurovision community?

          • Chris Mo
            Chris Mo  4 months back

            Every, EVERY single year, country wins and there's always that person shouting <<"enter country's capital" here we come!>> as if they're trying to show that they DO know what the capital is! Then Jerusalem became Tel Aviv, Amsterdam is probably going to give way to Rotterdam and the story repeats

            • DonnaxNL
              DonnaxNL  4 months back

              Lol 'Activate Windows' on the screen

              • Eric Toribio
                Eric Toribio  4 months back

                That was a quick edit from party to airport. Jaja

                • Anix xD
                  Anix xD  4 months back

                  Duncan deserved ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                  • O O
                    O O  5 months back

                    Norway was robbed!!! hate that I was so sad!

                    • Nina Skulic
                      Nina Skulic  4 months back

                      No. Now FU

                    • Jan-Willem
                      Jan-Willem  5 months back

                      How exactly was Norway robbed? I'm so glad this pathetic meme of a baldguy didn't win with his awful vocals. Actual music won.

                  • Adr B.a
                    Adr B.a  5 months back

                    i saw you in tel aviv but didnt find you on grindr?!?!

                    • David ajar2
                      David ajar2  5 months back

                      Nice reaction, thank you! I didn’t realize so many people enjoy ESC, beautiful to watch this. And I have yet to see one make a negative comment about this years winner, amazing!!! See you in the Netherlands next year.

                      • Fatih Melek
                        Fatih Melek   5 months back

                        Thanks for watching! See u there!

                    • José Madrigal Suárez
                      José Madrigal Suárez  5 months back

                      Sweeden BEST from Spain.

                      • Firminorsk
                        Firminorsk  5 months back

                        When Bar said 'This competition is so harsh' I saw it coming like a Volvo truck

                        • cinemanks
                          cinemanks  5 months back

                          Norway ❤️❤️❤️

                        • Tabitha de Haan
                          Tabitha de Haan  5 months back

                          Madonna should get appreciation because she still performs, but she really hadn't practised and her was was really bad. Then you should say no to something. The worst thing is she got payed a million dollars for this horrible show. That is just ridiculous

                          • Fatih Melek
                            Fatih Melek   5 months back

                            I agree that her singing was not good. But the show had a concept and it wasn't not practiced. And I do like the new song.

                        • Carolien Klein
                          Carolien Klein  5 months back

                          You folks are very welcome to come to the Netherlands next year🧡👍😉

                          • Carolien Klein
                            Carolien Klein  5 months back

                            @Fatih Melek No thanks! Its gonna be very nice with ESC in the Netherlands🧡

                          • Fatih Melek
                            Fatih Melek   5 months back

                            Thank u! We will be there.

                        • Bosnia Austria
                          Bosnia Austria  5 months back

                          You are pretty

                        • marcello j
                          marcello j  5 months back

                          People seem more excited about going to Amsterdam than about the winning song.

                          • Inge Willems
                            Inge Willems  4 months back

                            probably it isnt even in Amsterdam

                          • A kind remark
                            A kind remark  5 months back

                            And we're not even sure if it's going to be in Amsterdam yet

                        • Kale Project
                          Kale Project  5 months back

                          Great vlog! Your reactions to results are awesome.
                          Going to be waiting for more parodies now. The UK almost deserve one this year (Amazing how easily the word "Bigger" can be changed to "Better" doesn't it?) 😏

                          • Fatih Melek
                            Fatih Melek   5 months back

                            Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it. They should send something SoOoOo mUuUuCh bEEtteEr. Yes that works :D

                        • Turkish Eurovision Fan Since 2008

                          Seneye amsterdama gitmek istersin ama broke’sundur...

                          • Teija Johansson
                            Teija Johansson  5 months back

                            Oh handsome🤗😜

                          • iago ss
                            iago ss  5 months back

                            Wtf... iceland .... ramstein meet spice girls that cant sing

                            • konkont
                              konkont  5 months back

                              ağzına omg gibi jesus da yapışmış dostum

                            • irondasgr
                              irondasgr  5 months back

                              So, you are a Turk and you criticized the "political" voting in the case of Greece voting for Cyprus. So uncool. And for all the people there in the Euroclub: Guys, swallow it, at last. It's gonna be like that again and again and again and again.... Make this decision and accept it so you won't feel any frustration anymore. (I know I have accepted Moldova - Romania, Azerbaijan - Turkey, Serbia - Montenegro, Sweden getting over 40 points each time from IS, NO, FIN, DK , IE etc)

                              • irondasgr
                                irondasgr  5 months back

                                @Fatih Melek Of course I wrote for everybody to see that this is our musical preference. You see, this is our difference. I'm not hiding beneath my choices. You are. So you'd better regret for them rather than anything else.

                              • Fatih Melek
                                Fatih Melek   5 months back

                                irondasgr you just told people to accept it as a eurovision reality! And then it’s me making it up with my comments? You make no sense and I regret answering you now.

                              • irondasgr
                                irondasgr  5 months back

                                @Fatih Melek We do know what happened, we don't need you to selectively pointing to us. And you didn't criticize anything? You made a biased choice, you wrote down a directed comment which you characterized as "political voting" judging according to your mindset and then you play the "innocent" card? This is cheap journalism that noone's falling for. The actions and choices you make show what kind of a person you are. And maybe you thought that nobody would tell you off for that? Big dislike.

                              • Fatih Melek
                                Fatih Melek   5 months back

                                What is uncool? I did not criticize anything, I'm just showing you what happened. It happened when Cyprus voted, so I shot it when Greece was voting, knowing it will happen again. It has nothing to do with me being a Turk and you thinking this shows what kind of a person you are. The whole week I made great memories with many Greek and Cypriot friends, as I do every year.

                            • Priyant Pratap
                              Priyant Pratap  5 months back

                              Thanks for the Australia love 🥰

                              • Fatih Melek
                                Fatih Melek   5 months back

                                Thanks for sending good songs :)

                            • Jessy Xi
                              Jessy Xi  5 months back

                              You are handsome

                            • Aric Cua
                              Aric Cua  5 months back

                              Thoughts on your fellow countryman repping San Marino?

                            • Rob Makkink
                              Rob Makkink  5 months back

                              It wil be Rotterdam 2020 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

                            • kevinxladd
                              kevinxladd  5 months back

                              Where were you watching this? In Israel or Turkey?

                            • Karl König-Mehrtüssen
                              Karl König-Mehrtüssen  5 months back

                              Omg where are the women. I only see sisters everywhere

                              • Togrul Ələkbərzadə
                                Togrul Ələkbərzadə  5 months back

                                Bir az da bizlər üçün sevinsəydiniz pis olmazdı. Nə isə😒

                                • Togrul Ələkbərzadə
                                  Togrul Ələkbərzadə  5 months back

                                  Sadəcə istədim bizim birinci oldugumuz zaman səhnəyə hansı bayraqla çıxdıgımızı xatırlayasınız. Kimi sevəcəyiniz sizə qalmışdır. Allaha əmanət olun.

                                • Fatih Melek
                                  Fatih Melek   5 months back

                                  Her anı çekemedim elbette ama hafta boyunca Azerbaycan'ın başarısıyla hep gurur duyduk. Hiç şüphen olmasın :) Her sene kardeşimiz olarak destekliyoruz.

                              • Buddhi Dev
                                Buddhi Dev  5 months back

                                Norway with the right turn was just like slapping jury's faces. Hahaha

                                • Lara Irina
                                  Lara Irina  5 months back

                                  We sure know how to make a party.
                                  It will most likely be at the Ziggodome in Amsterdam.
                                  No worries. I have all the confidence in the world it will be great. Ever checked YouTube when our Crown Prince became King?
                                  Best regards from The Netherlands and untill next year!

                                  • Cindy Elbertsen
                                    Cindy Elbertsen  5 months back


                                    • Harel Israel
                                      Harel Israel  5 months back

                                      Glad you enjoy your time in Israel. Always welcome

                                    • Petar Ristovski
                                      Petar Ristovski  5 months back

                                      You hate Macedonia

                                      • Fatih Melek
                                        Fatih Melek   5 months back

                                        No I don't. It was my favorite two years ago.

                                    • Sonia M
                                      Sonia M  5 months back

                                      I just find it really weird when i hear people say they didn't expect N. Macedonia to be at the top but they find nothing wrong with Sweden being top with a song from last century. So overrated every year. Glad UK mother of music voted for Macedonia. If Tamara was representing Sweeden or other overrated country she would have won. No doubt.

                                      • A N N A •
                                        A N N A •  5 months back

                                        Sonia M You are so full of BS!

                                    • Bitten Bech
                                      Bitten Bech  5 months back

                                      Gosh, I was equally excited when I realized the Netherlands had won!! I would have been really upset had Sweden won. I hated that song :-) I want to go to Amsterdam next year!! They should have won some years back with Calm after the Storm!!

                                      • Ingrid Mulder
                                        Ingrid Mulder  4 months back

                                        @Bitten Bech yes it was her and she and Duncan knew eachother from The Voice of Holland were he participated. He choose her as his coach. He didn't end in the finals btw he made it to the semi finals.

                                      • Bitten Bech
                                        Bitten Bech  4 months back

                                        @Ingrid Mulder I thought it was her, but not 100% sure. Thanks for the info!!!

                                      • Ingrid Mulder
                                        Ingrid Mulder  4 months back

                                        Did you know that the woman from the Common Linnets was the coach of Duncan this year.

                                    • zamarco
                                      zamarco  5 months back

                                      For me the best this year Is Italy

                                    • Maria Antonia Pereira
                                      Maria Antonia Pereira  5 months back

                                      Portugal a sido robado por Eurovisión por envidia y Política felicidades Portugal ganadora millones de personas lle encantan CONAN OSiRIS merecía ganar todo envidia viva Portugal 🇵🇹 felicidades telemoveis 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

                                      • Tara king
                                        Tara king  5 months back

                                        yassss Netherlands thank goodness

                                        • Andrew Walsh
                                          Andrew Walsh  5 months back

                                          Looks like awesome fun- makes me want to go to Eurovision in the Netherlands next years. I didn’t realise that Australia was so popular with the fans. In Australia media, we were told that Australia was one of the favourites, but we’re told that every year!

                                          • Felicity Cook
                                            Felicity Cook  5 months back

                                            @Superpiair1 Why? learn the rules Australia is a member of the EBU...!

                                          • Superpiair1
                                            Superpiair1  5 months back

                                            Australia shouldnt even be there..

                                          • Andrew Walsh
                                            Andrew Walsh  5 months back

                                            Fatih Melek my favourite was Italy- he got my vote 🌈🇮🇹

                                          • Fatih Melek
                                            Fatih Melek   5 months back

                                            You should go! Australia does send strong songs every year. Last two were not favorites but they were still solid efforts. This year up until I saw the performance I wasn't totally sold on it. But the final product deserved to win.

                                        • Eduardo Twist
                                          Eduardo Twist  5 months back

                                          Hope to see you here again 😍😄

                                        • Adrian S
                                          Adrian S  5 months back

                                          Lovely video! many thanks! also you are very vverrryy cute :-) Hope you enjoyed Tel Aviv / Israel...

                                          • Fatih Melek
                                            Fatih Melek   5 months back

                                            Thank you very much! I enjoyed very much :)

                                        • EuroTainment
                                          EuroTainment  5 months back

                                          Sorry but when Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia , Iceland vote in favor of Sweden, it’s not political voting? Besides Cyprus and Greece are the same country and also had great songs to give 12 points

                                          • Jan-Willem
                                            Jan-Willem  4 months back

                                            @euroboy4 I've been to Cyprus several times, my best friends are from there and I'm very aware of their cultural roots and political situation. To insinuate Cyprus and Greece are one country is beyond retarded. SOUTH-Cyprus has alot of similarities with Greece, but it definitely has it's own identity. It's a completely different country geographically, culturally and politically.

                                          • euroboy4
                                            euroboy4  4 months back

                                            Jan-Willem That’s so true mister, believe it or not. It’s like England, Wales and Scotland for example. Everything is similar

                                          • Jan-Willem
                                            Jan-Willem  5 months back

                                            "Cyprus and Greece are the same country" holy shit dude, I just got dumber by reading that brainfart of a comment.

                                          • Fatih Melek
                                            Fatih Melek   5 months back

                                            Well there is usually a front-runner among those 5 countries and when they exchange 12s it's not that obvious. It's still political but it's more covered. When it's back and forth between two countries, sometimes with songs not that strong, it's much more clear. That's why people booed. Everybody loved Tamta otherwise.

                                          • Oki Doki
                                            Oki Doki  5 months back

                                            Yeah Sweden and Norway where great but glad that Duncan was better. I can believe that they say it is political voting south and east Europe vote political. The Netherlands have no political reason to give Sweden 12 points we love that music.

                                        • Revita 2me
                                          Revita 2me  5 months back

                                          Yeahh... see you in Amsterdam 🎉🍾💕🇳🇱

                                        • Lana Stanisic
                                          Lana Stanisic  5 months back

                                          jesus 90% gays :(

                                          • Char B
                                            Char B  5 months back

                                            Who all hates sweden now lol. We might have to sit with the russians now, at the naughty and the shunned table.

                                          • Peter Modderman
                                            Peter Modderman  5 months back

                                            Stfu bitch who do you think you are

                                        • Amerikada Bir Saf
                                          Amerikada Bir Saf  5 months back

                                          Loved seeing all of you guys!! Great vlog series