• Published: 11 June 2019

    Hello, everyone! Today, we are here with another bunch of amazing life hacks on making DIY toys for kids. Stay with us and learn how to paint with yarn, how to make remotely controlled toy cars, and how to make dragon eggs.

    The first craft is really hilarious! There are so many cool crafts that you can make using straws. For example, you can try and make an awesome moving caterpillar. It is colorful and bright (in case, you'll take bright straws), and it looks just like a real insect! Yuk! You can make pranks and have fun with your friends using this amazing trick.

    There are so many unexpected toy ideas in this video! For example, you can make DIY toy car massager, or plush toy headphones. Another awesome idea is a Barbie arm jewelry holder - just stick toy arms to a plate! Learn how to make DIY backpacks out of large toys.

    Use a couple of magnets and toilet paper rolls in order to make a remotely controlled car. An eraser on a pencil can be used as a stamp!

    Watch this video up to the end for a portion of amazing dinosaur hacks.


    01:31 - Upcycling toys
    02:14 - Toy car massager
    02:58 - Plush toy backpack
    06:55 - Dino soap
    08:11 - Yarn painting

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          The soap base is safe?

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                        I like to this video 😍

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                          Я один отбил который так делал в школе и мне все говорили что у меня руки ростут не из жопы .

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                                          Can I say something at 3:39 how will we know how to change the toilet tissue. 🤔🙄

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                                            Poor poor toys
                                            All these innocent toys died on the same day
                                            2 Stuffed bears
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                                              I like the bag 1 and the pencils 1

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                                                You guys, these crafts arent for kids to make, it's FOR kids, like for you to make out of broken toys FOR your kids

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                                                  YOU MONSTER WHY WOULD YOU CUT A TEDDY BEAR FOR HEADPHONES EVILLLL

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                                                  Isn't it better to just grab the ruler without cars and scratch your back

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                                                      Some of them looked like Voodoo stuffs😅

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                                                        Why would you cut open all your teddy bear for the diy. It is so disgusting.... It should be better to give the teddy bear to the children. .. They will be happy.. You are wasting your money so much in these types of things.....

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                                                                    And superman cut through the waist.. gosh kids would love it

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                                                                      this is a 5-min kids cafts why is it for adults ???

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                                                                        Hi ,i am indian girl.but your all videos so nice.

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