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  • edgel0rd
    edgel0rd  2 months back

    This song gives me some weird nostalgia I never experienced

    • Eemeli H
      Eemeli H  7 months back

      This song is like asmr for me

      • Petra Sýkrová
        Petra Sýkrová  1 years back

        This lyrics is soooo hard😂
        ,, Do I go down, down with the devil, down with the devil I go."
        (Really love this song)

        • Darth Walrus
          Darth Walrus  2 years back

          Do I go down?
          Down with the devil?
          Down with the devil I go!

          • Marc Verus
            Marc Verus  2 years back

            DOWN WITH THE 😈!!!!! DOWN WITH THE 😈 I GOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Prism Volt
              Prism Volt  3 years back

              Before listening to the song I thought it was insulting the Devil...
              But that would never happen: Mr Lordi takes good care of his bitch.

            • devil 666
              devil 666  3 years back


              • SoddyWrath
                SoddyWrath  3 years back

                I do understand the whole meaning of the song of not not misjudging people based on their appearance and/or their personal preferences but the "There's hell to pay said the Devil, and I'm a real go-get-er, I'm sure I'll find a soul i can sell" part seems a little odd, what I think is that it's referring to being called possessed by the Devil by said misjudging people (which I and i bet multiple people here have been called that just because of the Music Genre and/or the whole visual story telling theme of the Monsters) any ideas? would be highly appreciated, thanks.

                • Nick Troglin
                  Nick Troglin  6 days back

                  Hi I've been looking forward to this question I am the owner of this title people use the word devil like it's a bad thing my name is Nick and just because I'm a dark angel doesn't mean I'm going to burn in hell for it that was just a myth that parents like to tell there children in hopes that they would choose the light side of the force I'm just bullshitting really it's all in your head anyway but I can't figure that out for you your mind is your responsibility your labyrinth is your responsibility to navigate through I believe prayer is a constant way of telling yourself there is something wrong with you and I believe it keeps held back in a sense so to speak kinda weird way to hypnotize someone makeing them hypnotize them selves but I'm just going on with you honestly

                • TheApexSurvivor
                  TheApexSurvivor  2 months back

                  It seems like it's Lordi being told that he's going to hell because he's too satanic and owning it, hence "They say that I am "lost and damned", but I know damn well just where I am." He already knows that he's going to hell but he doesn't want off the ride.
                  So when he says that he's "a real go-get-er" and he'll "find a soul to sell", he means that he's going to tempt someone else into falling as an emissary of the devil.

                • Jakub Kouřil
                  Jakub Kouřil  2 years back

                  I believe it's not just the way how people look. Not nowadays. Many of those people define themselves as an "antipole" of today's society. Therefore lots of them call themselves "devil's children" and similar. I can't argue with the fact that the hard rock or metal are very misunderstood by great mass of people all around the world, thus Lordi maybe wanted to talk about it in a song. Or maybe it's just another one of those devil-themed songs.

              • lordi sidob
                lordi sidob  3 years back

                thank you i apreaciate it i love this sooooooooooo much

                • Gabriel Andersson
                  Gabriel Andersson  3 years back

                  I was waiting for this Lyrics thanks