St. Paul's Cathedral Pipe Organ Mathias Processional

  • Published: 30 January 2008
  • When I uploaded this previously, I attributed it to the wrong Christopher. [ I've got to start taking more legible notes ;-) ].

    This recording was made by Christopher Herrick in 1969, prior to the massive Noel Mander re-build of 1972-77.

    William Mathias, a Welsh composer of amazing talent, wrote for almost every classical genre in his too-brief 57 years. I'm familiar, though, only with his organ & choral works; they all have a keen rythmic energy. His "Processional" proved to be so popular that he felt compelled to write a companion "Recessional" several years later. It's just as much fun.
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Comments • 13

  • Colin Hazell
    Colin Hazell  1 years back

    This was my Grade VII exam piece - I passed!

    • wurlitzer895
      wurlitzer895  6 years back

      What a great piece this is! I haven't played it for years (can't play it at all now, thanks to arthritic hips), and I have to say CH's tempo suits it admirably. In retrospect, I used to play it far too quickly in those far off days.

      • AnOrganCornucopia
        AnOrganCornucopia  7 years back

        You sure about that? Sounds like the RTs to me - the only thing is that a55b47 notes that the recording was made before the Mander rebuild. I don't know, people often seem to think that a particular recording is pre-Mander when in fact it isn't, they just convince themselves that it sounds far better than it does now...

        • Contrubas
          Contrubas  7 years back

          The Royal Trumpets are in just before the end

          • Contrubas
            Contrubas  7 years back

            It's the Trompette Militaire surely?

            • AnOrganCornucopia
              AnOrganCornucopia  7 years back

              Great recording of the St Paul's organ - interesting how he carries the melody on the Royal Trumpets (a good 300ft west of the rest!) with the accompaniment on the chancel organ - then uses the Tubas (presumably the old Willis ones in the Dome) for the Whistle While You Werk, Hitler is a Twerp (shades of Private Pike in Dad's Army!) fanfare at the end.

              • Lyndon Hills
                Lyndon Hills  9 months back

                It's the Trompette Militaire. The Royal Trumpets hadn't been installed when this recording was made.

            • AnOrganCornucopia
              AnOrganCornucopia  7 years back

              I believe so. My parents often coincided with Chris Herrick at Kingston Parish Church back in the 90s and tell me that, when I was a toddler (I'm 21 now) Chris and his wife had a baby daughter called Izzy... so IzzyH93 claiming to be Chris Herrick's daughter seems entirely believable. Chris isn't just a phenomenally talented organist, either, but one of the nicest people you could wish to meet, if outwardly a little austere in manner.

              • Snorkeldykkeren
                Snorkeldykkeren  8 years back

                Here you really can feel it,thou I tried when I had my repetoire up to date...*sighs* Just started after a complete pause for 3 years.......ARGHHHHH,well I tried it in several churches ,small and "medium". Its great .....well you gotta have a good feeling for the setup,:)....Its worth experimenting ....especially with this one

                • Snorkeldykkeren
                  Snorkeldykkeren  10 years back

                  Well ,when you practice it ......but when you play it full on,with everything its a wonderfull piece.Especially when you play the deep a fairly large church,it has to be LARGE...:D

                  • 1401JSC
                    1401JSC  11 years back

                    Oxford publish some stunning organ music.
                    For those who like William Mathias, have a good technique (and a 4 manual organ), try his "Invocations". It once took me the whole summer holidays to learn when I was a student.
                    All my (wonderful) teacher had to say was "well, I wondered what it would sound like".
                    He was a master of understatement and this was....high praise!

                    • Jeff White
                      Jeff White  11 years back

                      I agree! I love this piece. I learned it as part of my Master's in Church Music program, although I didn't use it in Recital. His tempo is slower than what I was doing (partly because of acoustics, I'm sure), and I kind of like this tempo! I should remember it next time play this! LOL

                      • Principaal
                        Principaal  12 years back

                        Woow!! This is lovely stuff:)!! Thanks a lot!!