BMW Z4 M40i Review | NDTV carandbike

  • Published: 17 August 2019
  • We get behind the wheel of the new gen BMW Z4. The drop top model looks gorgeous and gets a powerful engine too. But what’s it like to drive around in and what about features and pricing? All your questions answered in this review

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Comments • 14

    STEVEN GROOM  2 months back

    Obviously the roads on the Indian sub continent aren’t good enough to justify this car. The review is also very poor. Driving a car like this down dirt roads, really!!!

    • Unbox Zone
      Unbox Zone  2 months back

      Swift desire headlights...seriously?

      • vinee n
        vinee n  2 months back

        I own a 2013 z4 ,lov th car ,gud ground clearance too

        • Ashish Lokhande
          Ashish Lokhande  2 months back

          Wot a boring review.

          • sp skd
            sp skd  2 months back

            Beautiful? Looking yucking ugly!

            • adam cz
              adam cz  2 months back

              Nice supra ragtop

              • saurav dugar
                saurav dugar  2 months back

                Siddharth: these super cars deserve your review and personal touch !

                • Ethan Maskie
                  Ethan Maskie  2 months back

                  Your reviews are damn boring. You're driving a sports car, atleast do us all justice and drive it the way it needs to be driven. The exhaust sounds good right? Give us some sound to listen to. Don't just say it sounds good and then continue with some crappy music. Take this as constructive feedback, because SVP kills the review game. Cheers

                  • rohit lad
                    rohit lad  2 months back

                    Review the Toyota Land Cruiser and you should also talk about the octane number of petrol required by cars like these in your reviews.

                    • Aku Pegu
                      Aku Pegu  2 months back

                      No Apple carplay or Android auto? Seriously?

                      • sajeed t
                        sajeed t  2 months back

                        It looks porche

                        • Roland Pacheco
                          Roland Pacheco  2 months back

                          Looks! Subjective, I love the way the Supra looks.

                          • Dhananjayan Dhanush
                            Dhananjayan Dhanush  2 months back

                            Toyota Supra is much more powerful than BMW . Both share same engine. How Supra is quicker

                            • Ethan Maskie
                              Ethan Maskie  2 months back

                              Because Toyota lies about its power and torque figures