All Hell Breaks Out in Mexico: CIA's Cartel of Choice Kicks Off Campaign of Violence

  • Published: 19 October 2019
  • It is fair too say the US is not happy with the direction Mexico's new government is heading in terms of domestic and foreign affairs. It is also fair too say the Sinaloa cartel has been aided by the DEA, CIA and both of the previous White House administrations for decades, not to mention several US banking institutions.

    So would it be fair to consider the possibility that the recent violence in the streets of Mexico carried out by Sinaloa which undermines the stability and credibility of that new government in the county might just possibly be yet another Deep State destabilization by proxy army campaign?

    CBS video

    Business Insider article

    Guardian article from 2011

    Gunwalking scandal

    US Gov and Sinaloa Partners in Crime

    Forbes article on Fast and Furious

    China getting closer to Mexico

    Russia getting closer to Mexico

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  • Martin Ramirez
    Martin Ramirez  4 weeks back

    I have to say, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
    Most "Mexicans of means" are either too selfish, or too politically uninformed, to grasp the campaign of psychological warfare being waged to blame AMLO for the exact same things the six previous presidents did, also threatening to escalate into hot war, all because of his criticism of neoliberalism. Class divisions are absurd to the point of impoverished, pensioned or unemployed former upper-class members still identify with Carlos Slim or Claudio Gonzalez and would rather lick their boots than help the public sector or national agriculture and manufacturing, even if it would help them in their current position. Neoliberal rats are suddenly against the austerity imposed on police forces or schools, just because AMLO is in the national palace. And are they clutching their pearls over his relationships with Venezuela, Russia and China (there was a Rusdiagate campaign similar to Trump's attempted against him last year, too!).
    All of the journalists like Andres Oppenheimer or Leon Krauze are nothing but Quislings, betraying humanity to global capital in every country by poisoning their minds.

    • Little Squirrel
      Little Squirrel  4 weeks back

      First I would like to say I hope your mother has a speedy recovery.... my thoughts and prayers are with her. Second, I find it odd how they were even able to arrest El Chapo's son in the first place.I mean, if this big gun battle breaks out afterwards how they even get him physically in custody without him dying or without the police officers dying? right when I heard this story it just didn't make sense to me. This whole story reeks complete bullshit. I don't know a lot about the of the cartels but I do know that when something just is blatantly obvious that it doesn't make sense, then there's definitely more to look at here..... as far as it being propaganda or even just a very shady take to cover up a much larger story...who the hell knows.... Anyways, those are just my opinions.

      • Ben Bahara
        Ben Bahara  4 weeks back

        scott creighton cia?...dia?....idf?!....bbb!!!....not that one....the other one....beau's ball b*tch

        • Alja Smeerya
          Alja Smeerya  4 weeks back

          Greetings from Tijuana. Much appreciate your addressing this curious MX event. I've yearned for quite awhile to hear what interesting insights or perspectives you might have about your large southern neighbor. We've the so-called "narco-cartel wars", Iguala's suspected student-teacher massacre, the USA's general interference, etc. After the Google guards of empire wiped out your previous blog and channel, I've often kicked myself for not having looked over your earlier work on Mexico as well as various other topics.

          • JG
            JG  4 weeks back

            The new Generation Jalisco cartel ambushed and murdered fourteen cops this past week, in the state of Michoacán , They should have been targeted for reprisal, by the Mexican authorities.

            • JG
              JG  4 weeks back

              Some reports claim it was on orders from the DEA or even Trump. The gunmen were right to put up a fight IMHO.

              • cub
                cub  4 weeks back

                best wishes always (btw what do you think about the book, _Murder City_ ?)

                • Aunt BB
                  Aunt BB  4 weeks back

                  Scott, weren't some folks involved in the human trafficking of the sacred migrant caravans arrested in Mexico? That wouldn't make the neoliberals happy w/AMLO's gov't.

                  • crushsatan
                    crushsatan  4 weeks back

                    Hey why don't you put Mom on the mic sometime?

                    • Cynthia Eng
                      Cynthia Eng  4 weeks back

                      Yet CIA walk around with impunity...Headquartered in D.C....destroying the world

                      • Aunt BB
                        Aunt BB  4 weeks back

                        Your mom's a tough lady for sure, Scott. She might be a pain in the butt, but you have her to thank for raising you to become such a great guy. One son out of 2 ain't bad.

                        • FPS_Machete_[HD]
                          FPS_Machete_[HD]  4 weeks back

                          Really appreciate you taking the time to do this video. You opened my eyes to quite a few details I was not previously aware of. Thanks again Chief. P.S. Hope your Mother gets to feeling better. Sending positive thoughts your way. - RedPilledMexican

                          • churchdog42
                            churchdog42   4 weeks back

                            thanks for the hat tip this morning. very interesting story coming out of Mexico. Will have too see what happens from here.

                        • Aunt BB
                          Aunt BB  4 weeks back

                          I didn't have big hopes for AMLO when he was elected, Scott. He was called the Mexican "Bernie," but that's a smear. Bernie is a corporate sellout. AMLO is the real deal. I got info some months ago that there are definitely plans to take AMLO down. This is a clear sign of that now.

                          • Aunt BB
                            Aunt BB  4 weeks back

                            The director of Sicario is French-Canadian Denis Villeneuve from Quebec, Scott. Good flic, but Hollywood propaganda.

                            • Joel Martin
                              Joel Martin  4 weeks back

                              FN Five-Sevens are 5.7mm handguns—because they’re high velocity projectiles are known for piercing basic body armor. Nice, huh?

                              • mikel parent
                                mikel parent  4 weeks back

                                To quote Sepultura: war for territory. Cartel of choice is the exact right concept for understanding the phenomena. (Black)Market share is a violent business.

                                • 5keeper7ful
                                  5keeper7ful  4 weeks back

                                  First!! No amnesty!!

                                  • Jen S
                                    Jen S  4 weeks back

                                    He is struggling to breath with all of that poisonous cigarette smoke. Poor dog.

                                    • Aunt BB
                                      Aunt BB  4 weeks back

                                      Yeah, Alcoholics Anonymous, "poor dog" isn't out on the streets or dead, like the other pups in his litter ended up from heart worms. Instead, he has to suffer in a loving home.