• Published: 19 September 2019

    The backyard is a perfect place to spend time with friends, to make a comfortable place for a family to relax or to create a place for your favorite hobby. Updating your home’s landscaping changes the whole look of your home. Besides, it's a good way to express your creativity. There could be a lot of options to choose from and we prepared a satisfying video that shows how to make an oasis in the desert. Stop doing everything and enjoy this video!
    Besides, growing plants is a great hobby that helps to relax and make you happier. You will find a lot of gardening tips that will help to grow different vegetables like bell peppers and tomatoes and cucumbers. We know an easy way to grow tomatoes without an effort. Cut tomatoes in circles and place in the soil. Next, cover the slices with another part of soil and water. Same method you can use to grow bell peppers.
    Check out the easiest way to propagate an aloe from a leaf. Ask your friend to cut off a leaf from the stem or cut from your old plant. Allow the cut edge to dry a bit. Cut a leaf in parts using a sharp and clean knife to avoid microbes. Try to cut at a downward angle, towards the stem. Place cut leaves and soil and roots will grow back in a few days.
    Succulents and cacti are incredibly popular nowadays as you can make a lot of décor items with them and they are sustainable and easy to keep alive. Watch the video and find a lot of ideas on how to freshen up your house. You will find out how to make cute planters and even a cute succulent garden for your home.

    00:09 Satysfying landscape desing video
    05:14 How to propagate Aloe
    07:25 How to grow roses
    10:34 Succulent planting ideas
    11:29 DIY Succulent garden


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