Eurovision 2019 | Official Results


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  • ESCFrance
    ESCFrance   5 months back

    Well now Eurovision 2019 is over I want to say some words to you :
    -First I just want to say *THANK YOU* to each and everyone of you watching my videos ❤ A lot of people subscribed to my channel during the rehearsals and it means a lot to me ❤
    -You broke a new record on my channel because my TOP 41 of the 2nd Rehearsals has more than 90.000 views and I have no words for it ❤
    I am living my best life thanks to Eurovision and now you who are watching my videos and who keep growing my channel ❤
    -*THE MOST IMPORTANT* is that I have a lot of idea of videos and the return of Your Weekly Top Charts so stay tuned 😉
    Love you all ❤

    • MpMb MpMb
      MpMb MpMb  3 months back

      This top is wrong

    • Sam Dams
      Sam Dams  5 months back

      Make new vid there was mistake of points look news ;)

  • Pedro Moreira Morales
    Pedro Moreira Morales  2 days back

    Of course I don't get Russia over Switzerland or Azerbaijan

    • Pedro Moreira Morales
      Pedro Moreira Morales  2 days back

      The thing is... you really guys think Armenia was that bad? Just asking

      • A Potterhead Is Inside

        My top 41

        41) Montenegro 🇲🇪
        40) Georgia 🇬🇪
        39) Croatia 🇭🇷
        38) Poland 🇵🇱
        37) Finland 🇫🇮
        36) SanMarino 🇸🇲
        35) Ireland 🇮🇪
        34) Austria 🇦🇹
        33) Latvia 🇱🇻
        32) Denmark 🇩🇰
        31) Moldova 🇲🇩
        30) Romania 🇷🇴
        29) Portugal 🇵🇹
        28) Lithuania 🇱🇹
        27) Belgium 🇧🇪

        26) Israel 🇮🇱
        25) Germany 🇩🇪
        24) UK 🇬🇧
        23) Hungary 🇭🇺
        22) Armenia 🇦🇲
        21) NorthMacedonia 🇲🇰
        20) Albania 🇦🇱
        19) Serbia 🇷🇸
        18) Belarus 🇧🇾
        17) Slovenia 🇸🇮
        16) CzechRepublic 🇨🇿
        15) Estonia 🇪🇪
        14) Greece 🇬🇷
        13) Cyprus 🇨🇾
        12) France 🇫🇷
        11) Australia 🇦🇺
        10) Iceland 🇮🇸
        9) Russia 🇷🇺
        8) Spain 🇪🇸
        7) Malta 🇲🇹
        6) Sweden 🇸🇪
        5) Azerbajian 🇦🇿
        4) Switzerland 🇨🇭
        3) Norway 🇳🇴
        2) Italy 🇮🇹
        1) Netherlands 🇳🇱

        • Finley ESC
          Finley ESC  6 days back

          finland, armenia,latvia, and romania were robbed

          • Andre Andre
            Andre Andre  4 weeks back

            I can't believe today the EBU finned Iceland 5000£, undeserved...

            • Amy Mifsud
              Amy Mifsud  1 months back

              Why did Ireland get last place There song is so good

              • fortnite ja apex legends kain tapaan

                Montenegro and san marino have won the eurovision 2019 and Albania and croatia and cyprus

                • Hits songs
                  Hits songs  1 months back

                  3:19 & 3:31 😭😭😭 not go in final

                  • kiril Veljanoski
                    kiril Veljanoski  2 months back

                    You should correct the scores.

                    • Ronja Svanholm 9B
                      Ronja Svanholm 9B  2 months back

                      dude, you put sweden and norway wrong. norway came 6th and sweden came 5th. just wanted to let ya know.

                      • Looney Scy
                        Looney Scy  2 months back

                        There was a mistake in belarussian Jury. He knows.

                    • ESC Norway
                      ESC Norway  2 months back

                      Ma favs in 2019
                      -Czech Republic
                      -The Netherlands
                      -North Macedonia
                      -San Marino

                      • ESC Norway
                        ESC Norway  3 weeks back

                        @Andre Andre omg forgot my 26 (top) this year... Lmao I love iceland's song. I just love every song this year

                      • Andre Andre
                        Andre Andre  4 weeks back

                        @ESC Norway Cool!Btw where did u put Iceland?

                      • ESC Norway
                        ESC Norway  4 weeks back

                        @Andre Andre 10.Armenia
                        1.The Netherlands

                      • Andre Andre
                        Andre Andre  4 weeks back

                        Cool!What's Ur top 10 btw?

                    • FalesTEEZ
                      FalesTEEZ  2 months back

                      I love Israel

                      • Siegel Ranher
                        Siegel Ranher  2 months back

                        Muchos que estuvieron en la final no lo merecieron pero bueno, la buena música no faltó.

                        • Roasted Pineapple
                          Roasted Pineapple  2 months back

                          So Greece finished 21st..okay...

                          • Red Soul
                            Red Soul  2 months back

                            Was a Great Year with Horrible Results!

                            • Cassandra Rodén ft From Russia With Metalheads

                              10:23 yeas here we go!!! 🎤🎶🎧

                              • Nikos Nikolaoss
                                Nikos Nikolaoss  2 months back

                                Official?? Hahahah.. Sweden paid for 5th place not 6th...

                                • Andre Andre
                                  Andre Andre  4 weeks back

                                  Of course they payed,they pay every year...

                              • Nikos Nikolaoss
                                Nikos Nikolaoss  2 months back

                                Poland 1 only place behind the final??? It was TRASH!! Like someone killied mice on the stage

                                • Ιωάννης Ορκόπουλος

                                  I like Very Much The Finland And The Montengreco (I Have a problem From the name of the 2th country)

                                  • SzyMix 123
                                    SzyMix 123  2 months back

                                    Finland is ok but Montenegros live performance and song was 🤮🤮

                                  • Topias H
                                    Topias H  2 months back

                                    Finland? No problem (im from finland)

                                • ehehehehe ehehehe
                                  ehehehehe ehehehe  2 months back

                                  Ireland: Did not deserve dead last
                                  Austria: Should have been top 10
                                  Finland: Well deserved. It's crap
                                  Montenegro: Unfortunately deserved
                                  Armenia: Unbelieveable. So underrated!
                                  Latvia: Deserved.
                                  Portugal: Robbed. This was so unique!
                                  Georgia: Robbed!
                                  Croatia: Overrated. Deserved last place.
                                  Belgium: Deserved. The song was great but the performance...
                                  Romania: So underrated! Deserved top 10 at least.
                                  Moldova: Overrated. Deserved bottom 3.
                                  Lithuania: Overrated.
                                  Hungary: Deserved. Very sleepy and unoriginal.
                                  Poland: Should've advanced. Amazimg song, Poland.

                                  UK: Absolutely deserved dead last :)
                                  Germany: Deserved.
                                  Belarus: I would put it a little bit higher.
                                  Israel: Deserved bottom 5.
                                  Spain: Underrated. Such an amazing song.
                                  Greece: Underrated.
                                  Estonia: Overrated! Deserved last place overall.
                                  San Marino: Undeserved qualifier.
                                  Serbia: Deserved.
                                  Albania: should have won the whole thing.
                                  France: Overrated
                                  Slovenia: Underrated
                                  Malta: ROBBED
                                  Cyprus: ROBBED
                                  Denmark: Terribly overrated
                                  Czech Republic: A little bit too high

                                  Iceland: Deserved higher
                                  Australia: Overrated
                                  Azerbaijan: Overrated
                                  North Macedonia: Deserved top 3.
                                  Norway: Deserved.

                                  Sweden: OVERRATED
                                  Switzerland: Deserved top 10 but not top 5
                                  Russia: OVERRATED
                                  Italy: OVERRATED
                                  The Netherlands: OVERRATED

                                  • Sam Galea
                                    Sam Galea  2 months back

                                    The video is Incorrect

                                    • Miguel López -Belmonte Rivero

                                      Armenia, Romania and Poland were robbed. Not to mention that for one year in which we send a good song, Europe places us 22. Shame on you

                                      • Onur Veselý
                                        Onur Veselý  2 months back

                                        I am proud of both my country and my winner 😍❤🇨🇿🇮🇸

                                      • Matt Slater
                                        Matt Slater  2 months back

                                        While "Walking Out" wasn't first place material, I was disappointed to find out it didn't qualify for the final.

                                        • Blue Club
                                          Blue Club  2 months back

                                          Pls put them in correct order

                                          • rade max
                                            rade max  2 months back

                                            Nooooo malta 16 no malta 1

                                            • Rory McColl
                                              Rory McColl  2 months back

                                              am i the only one won who hates iceland lmao, find it a bit weird tbh 😂

                                              • claire wright
                                                claire wright  1 months back

                                                yes maybe i went to see them in london last week and they are so good!

                                            • Bellette Gaming
                                              Bellette Gaming  2 months back

                                              Wired result Lithuania should have qualified stuff you Russia (no offence don’t kill me pls) and plus Lithuania should have had more points because the Russian dude gave 12 points to Denmark instead of Azerbaijan

                                              • Eurovision Sarah
                                                Eurovision Sarah  2 months back

                                                Mow for everyone who thinks these are the wrong results this video is from the 19 th of May but the results were corrected by the 23-24 of May so of course this video doesn’t feature the actual results

                                                Still a nice video 👍

                                                Edit: my winner 8:03 ❤️

                                                • Leah Rowden
                                                  Leah Rowden  2 months back

                                                  Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Moldova, Poland and Romania got robbed!!!!!!!!

                                                  • heyeyeeyyy 12
                                                    heyeyeeyyy 12  3 months back

                                                    if only romania was in the first semi😭😭

                                                    • Kenan Memmedzade
                                                      Kenan Memmedzade  3 months back

                                                      Croatia armenia romania very interesting for me. how did they pass to final

                                                      • Demetriana Panayi
                                                        Demetriana Panayi  3 months back

                                                        Cyprus finally came 13th not 15th

                                                        • Eurovision Sarah
                                                          Eurovision Sarah  2 months back

                                                          Demetriana Panayi this was uploaded before the correct results were announced

                                                      • Me Nice
                                                        Me Nice  3 months back

                                                        Poland and Hungary would have qualified for the final iff they were in the other semi not that i really care for Poland i hated it but for Hungary it would have been justice

                                                        • Eurovision Sarah
                                                          Eurovision Sarah  3 months back

                                                          Me Nice I agree while I love Denmark’s entry they just qualified because semi final 2 was weaker than the first I mean she had 94 points and qualified while Hungary with 97 points didn’t because he was in semi final 1 he would’ve needed atleast 123 points to qualify. 🇭🇺

                                                      • • Gasha Hero XD
                                                        • Gasha Hero XD  3 months back

                                                        I was in tel Aviv and in 2020 on the netherlands but i live on the netherlands (sorry my english is very bad)

                                                        • Andre Andre
                                                          Andre Andre  4 weeks back

                                                          How cool!Since you live in The Netherlands,are you going to watch Esc again?

                                                      • Hylke Zandbergen
                                                        Hylke Zandbergen  3 months back

                                                        Albanië was so underrated!

                                                        • Jessy Kadmaer
                                                          Jessy Kadmaer  3 months back

                                                          Thank you for the 12 points to the Netherlands <3

                                                          • Xavier Naughton
                                                            Xavier Naughton  3 months back

                                                            This video isn't right.

                                                            • Yu
                                                              Yu  3 months back

                                                              I feel like Latvia was underrated..... Anyone?...... No just me?...... Okay.

                                                              • fiona harrington
                                                                fiona harrington  4 weeks back

                                                                U ain't alone

                                                              • Andre Andre
                                                                Andre Andre  1 months back

                                                                @Yu What song you like more?For me both are amazing but Iceland are a little better.

                                                              • Yu
                                                                Yu  1 months back

                                                                @Andre Andre I know and I personally love them both.

                                                              • Andre Andre
                                                                Andre Andre  1 months back

                                                                @Yu If it's that,go listen to Albania or Iceland.You will see

                                                              • Yu
                                                                Yu  1 months back

                                                                @Andre Andre I like the melody, the lyrics and her voice. It gives a certain atmosphere that I enjoy. Is there a problem with that?

                                                            • Anahit and Borya
                                                              Anahit and Borya  3 months back

                                                              Armenia 37th? Really?

                                                              • Camiel de Bever!!!!!!!!
                                                                Camiel de Bever!!!!!!!!  3 months back

                                                                This is nog the gold order. After the show there was a mistake discovered. After that was fixed Sweden was 5th and Norway and up om the 6th place.

                                                                • Mr Meme
                                                                  Mr Meme  3 months back

                                                                  Sweden and norway switched place

                                                                  • ESC Greece
                                                                    ESC Greece  3 months back

                                                                    i upload eurovision's video too...if you want see my chanel please....👍

                                                                    • Random Person
                                                                      Random Person  3 months back

                                                                      My ideal final points;
                                                                      41 - Say na na na
                                                                      40 - 22
                                                                      39 - That night
                                                                      38 - Limits
                                                                      36 - Heaven
                                                                      35 - Pali sie
                                                                      34 - Keep on going
                                                                      33 - The dream
                                                                      32 - On a Sunday
                                                                      30 - Stay
                                                                      29 - Az en amarm
                                                                      28 - Sister
                                                                      27 - Storm
                                                                      ! GRAND FINAL. !
                                                                      26 - Replay
                                                                      25 - Bigger than US
                                                                      24 - Like It
                                                                      23 - Kruna
                                                                      22 - Sebi
                                                                      21 - Love Is florecer
                                                                      20 - Friend of a friend
                                                                      19 - Zero Gravity
                                                                      18 - Truth
                                                                      17 - Too late for love
                                                                      16 - Wake Up
                                                                      15 - Kthetju Tokes
                                                                      14 - Arcade
                                                                      13 - Scream
                                                                      12 - Home
                                                                      11 - La venda
                                                                      10 - Spirit In The Sky
                                                                      9 - Proud
                                                                      8 - Run with the lions
                                                                      7 - Chameleon
                                                                      6 - She got me
                                                                      5 - Better Love
                                                                      4 - Telemovis
                                                                      3 - Hatriø mun sufra
                                                                      2 - Siren song
                                                                      1 - Walking out
                                                                      I know I forgot a song but I don't know what song.

                                                                      • Eurovision 101
                                                                        Eurovision 101  3 months back

                                                                        Ireland last is heartbreaking 😭 love that song

                                                                      • gabriel jones
                                                                        gabriel jones  3 months back

                                                                        Wel dan danken for winen

                                                                        • Kasper Storeide
                                                                          Kasper Storeide  3 months back

                                                                          For all the people who thinks norway came 6th check the final just go to when Duncan wins they show the places norway came 5,th

                                                                          • Sam Nabuurs
                                                                            Sam Nabuurs  3 months back

                                                                            The results are changed after belarus revealed there was a mistake in their voting