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  • Hufflepuffel
    Hufflepuffel  5 less than a minute back


    😂 😂
    😂 😂
    😂 😂
    😂 😂
    😂 😂

    🥳 🥳
    🥳 🥳
    🥳 🥳
    🥳 🥳
    🥳 🥳


    I dont know why i waist my holiday by doing this .... 😓

    • Jr Stuart
      Jr Stuart  10 less than a minute back

      Has more views than subs

      • AzNight_ _playz
        AzNight_ _playz  21 less than a minute back

        Almost to 100 million


        • Aiko
          Aiko  41 less than a minute back

          I don't know why the teacher's played this at my graduation, they must have mistook is as a congratulations to everyone song.

          • Iqbal Naera
            Iqbal Naera  44 less than a minute back

            T - Series : Are you supporting me?
            Pewd : Yesn't

            • Wing Best Waifu
              Wing Best Waifu  51 less than a minute back

              *YouTube: Bye br portuguese version*

              *Brazillians: Am i a joke to you*

              • Mateo Roldan
                Mateo Roldan  53 less than a minute back


                • WasteOfKeples
                  WasteOfKeples  1 minutes back

                  My friend accidentaly clicked this song when he searched congratulations for post melon

                  • souR zerg
                    souR zerg  3 minutes back

                    Jaiden liked this

                    • JustAnotherDude YT
                      JustAnotherDude YT  3 minutes back

                      I like how Felix boyinaband and roomie expose t series in the song while entertaining us
                      U will be first in the 9 yearolds army
                      (I'm twelve but u will still be first in my heart❤️)

                      • Youtube Supremity
                        Youtube Supremity  3 minutes back

                        India: *bans this song*
                        VPM: Did I just see something?

                        • Nate RotF
                          Nate RotF  3 minutes back

                          My father said I will get ligma if I have 10k likes by next month pls don’t like

                          • Leonardo Rizzato
                            Leonardo Rizzato  3 minutes back

                            T gay go pew is better Brasil is here to help you ❤️❤️❤️🇧🇷🇺🇸

                            • Liknat da deep web
                              Liknat da deep web  4 minutes back

                              CADÊ AS LEGENDADAS EM PORTUGUÊS???

                              • willow charm
                                willow charm  5 minutes back

                                World war 3 is pewdiepie vs t-series
                                When pewdiepie takes over again world war 3 stops
                                When t-series comes back in the lead world war 3 will continue

                                • El Rob 7w7
                                  El Rob 7w7  5 minutes back

                                  Po T-Series lo supero de nuevo :v

                                  • bombel z mydła
                                    bombel z mydła  5 minutes back

                                    This.. This is amaznig

                                    • Felix de kip 2
                                      Felix de kip 2  5 minutes back


                                      • Leonardo Olmos
                                        Leonardo Olmos  5 minutes back

                                        Activate bot PewDiePie

                                        • crack 724
                                          crack 724  5 minutes back

                                          Pewd pro vs t gay is pewd gay 😵

                                          • BXN Lpxz
                                            BXN Lpxz  6 minutes back

                                            We lost bross😓👊

                                            • Ri der
                                              Ri der  6 minutes back


                                              • Cookie xD
                                                Cookie xD  6 minutes back

                                                My dad told me he would buy a 3 story house if I get 1,000 subs so please sub to me

                                                • ThatOneDeer
                                                  ThatOneDeer  7 minutes back

                                                  My dad said he would buy me a new game other than fortnite If I get 100 subs by the end of the month!

                                                  • Julianna Medina
                                                    Julianna Medina  8 minutes back

                                                    T-SERIES ItS your biG dAY

                                                    read the capital letters what does it say

                                                    • CHILL STILL
                                                      CHILL STILL  8 minutes back

                                                      if pewdiepiew sing or sound like Jevil sing 0:13

                                                      • GGJuninhoGGBR422 Games
                                                        GGJuninhoGGBR422 Games  9 minutes back

                                                        Who are subbed on T-Series is a burguese

                                                        • Muhammad Fajar Adiguna Prakoso

                                                          Wtf dude what do u mean "last brofist" are u stop from youtube no dudee dont go

                                                          • Keith Cabelis
                                                            Keith Cabelis  12 minutes back

                                                            Me:*Watched Congratulations*
                                                            Me:*Waiting congratulations 2*

                                                            • Team Sweaty
                                                              Team Sweaty  12 minutes back

                                                              Out of the 900k comments you found mine!!!

                                                              Here’s a cake 🎂

                                                              • Mus Videos
                                                                Mus Videos  13 minutes back

                                                                Just whyyyyy

                                                                • Barbiecute _chan•
                                                                  Barbiecute _chan•  13 minutes back


                                                                  • Megan Jerabek
                                                                    Megan Jerabek  13 minutes back

                                                                    No one:

                                                                    Me: TGAY TGAY TGAY

                                                                    • Megan Jerabek
                                                                      Megan Jerabek  13 minutes back

                                                                      No one:

                                                                      Me: TBAD TBAD TBAD

                                                                      • Fuzz OwO
                                                                        Fuzz OwO  13 minutes back

                                                                        T:I DID IT!!!

                                                                        Pew:hold my beer

                                                                        • Carolyn Choi
                                                                          Carolyn Choi  13 minutes back

                                                                          1:22 히틀러를 뜻하는건가?

                                                                          • OLI4RUR 1031
                                                                            OLI4RUR 1031  14 minutes back

                                                                            T gay in chat

                                                                            • XDXDXDFBI XDXDXD
                                                                              XDXDXDFBI XDXDXD  16 minutes back

                                                                              His is such a good vid I LOVE U PIE👊

                                                                              • Emily Bellis
                                                                                Emily Bellis  16 minutes back

                                                                                Me when my ex gets with someone else :))

                                                                                • Kayra Pasli
                                                                                  Kayra Pasli  16 minutes back

                                                                                  Pew die pie haşmetli yarrağını sırtıma vur

                                                                                  • slimysalad
                                                                                    slimysalad  17 minutes back

                                                                                    I’m suing you for brofisting me in the face...

                                                                                    • VICTARIO
                                                                                      VICTARIO  17 minutes back

                                                                                      It’s stupid but I’m really shocked that t-series passed pewdiepie

                                                                                      • Mariothekidd09
                                                                                        Mariothekidd09  17 minutes back

                                                                                        Pewdiepie: Mario Congrats it’s your birthday!

                                                                                        • Ethan Barahona
                                                                                          Ethan Barahona  17 minutes back


                                                                                          • ElHadoukenMlg velasco
                                                                                            ElHadoukenMlg velasco  18 minutes back

                                                                                            sign language: hands

                                                                                            • Quinntiles
                                                                                              Quinntiles  18 minutes back

                                                                                              My dad said if I got 50subs by the end of the month I can get what ever kind of dog I want what dog should I get?

                                                                                              • Celtanc YT
                                                                                                Celtanc YT  19 minutes back

                                                                                                My dad said he would buy a house for or family if I get 1000 subs 😱😱😱

                                                                                                • Jack Tierney
                                                                                                  Jack Tierney  19 minutes back

                                                                                                  this sounds like a 2015 chief keef beat