The Netherlands - LIVE - Duncan Laurence - Arcade - Grand Final - Eurovision 2019


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  • Eurovision Song Contest

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    • Monique Van Westenbrugge
      Monique Van Westenbrugge  2 days back

      Eurovision Song Contest gfwfxfxfdf

    • BerBer DURET
      BerBer DURET  7 days back

      kokoszanel Don’t worry with haters ! At the minute I heard Duncan song I wanted the Dutch victory. He deserves it so much !
      Loved also Italy 🇮🇹 Sweden 🇸🇪 Switzerland 🇨🇭..... and so many others !
      This year was fantastic and there was a lot of good songs. The results was really tight and I love that !
      So happy 😃 to go in THE NETHERLANDS 🇳🇱 next year !!!

    • BerBer DURET
      BerBer DURET  7 days back

      žan tomažič Strnad bla bla bla

    • Yahalaya Gallant
      Yahalaya Gallant  1 weeks back


    • Bartina Swart
      Bartina Swart  2 weeks back


  • Sulodjfkxkrkx ed xk Haakana
    Sulodjfkxkrkx ed xk Haakana  47 minutes back


    • Обычный Зритель

      People:it is so difficult to win the Eurovision
      Duncan Laurence:hold my nothing doing piano

      • Соломія Гладиш


        • Yannick Debeyter
          Yannick Debeyter  8 hours back

          awsome!!! thanks for getting ESC so close to home!! wel propably be attending in 2020 in the Netherlands! awsome song (love from Belgium!)

          • MA
            MA  11 hours back

            So who was better, after all?

            Italy - Like

            Netherlands - Comment!

            • Влад Хмельниченко

              I like thiiiiis!

              • Lommy
                Lommy  13 hours back

                It's really a pity that all the singers have to perform at least 6 times live. Duncan is an amazing singer and even he sounds like someone who used his voice too much. Let them sing only when the shows are broadcasted and do one more rehearsal before. Most of the singers LOST THEIR VOICES before they reached the final.

                • Ferid Sukurlu
                  Ferid Sukurlu  14 hours back

                  I think this is the best music of mankind

                  • שושי זולדן
                    שושי זולדן  15 hours back


                    • Tunahan T
                      Tunahan T  15 hours back

                      1:01 that scream 😂👏

                      • Golden Wither Phoenix 13
                        Golden Wither Phoenix 13  17 hours back

                        *sigh* I respect your win Netherlands, but in my opinion I dont think it was perfect. A few higher "oh"s sounded off key and even though the visuals were stunning and the story is tragic, I just couldn't see it winning. Dont get me wrong it's a great piece but... I just couldnt feel it winning. It did end up winning but still I just didnt like it all that much. I honestly preferred other countries like Slovenia, Denmark, Russia, france and Germany. Not just them either. Not a top 10 maker for me but a solid 11 I will say. See yall in holland next year.

                        Au revoir from the UK.

                        • Abrahán Sáez Sánchez
                          Abrahán Sáez Sánchez  17 hours back

                          Gran canción minimalista,sin adornos o coreografías difíciles,con su gran voz y sentimiento en su interpretación supo llevarse el gato al agua.

                          • Tyra Norström
                            Tyra Norström  18 hours back

                            This is so f**** gooood🥵😇🤩

                            • Lilah Lionhall
                              Lilah Lionhall  20 hours back

                              me in a rollercoaster: GET ME OUT THIS ROLLERCOASTERRR! AAAAAAHHH OOOOHHH

                              • Luca Serafini
                                Luca Serafini  20 hours back

                                Sing in Dutch please, too easy in English. At least Italy sang in Italian! Soldi soldi soldi 🇮🇹

                                • Kaatje kok
                                  Kaatje kok  16 hours back

                                  Its over a month now! Get over the fact that mahmood didnt win😉

                                • Tim Blanks
                                  Tim Blanks  18 hours back

                                  Still not over the fact that Mahmood lost? See you in Rotterdam next year.

                                • Raphael L
                                  Raphael L  18 hours back

                                  Boring comment (seen already a million times) and he used English on a screen behind him anyway. pffffff! perhaps he should have tried English he might have won 😜🍦

                              • Erenik Dreshaj
                                Erenik Dreshaj  20 hours back

                                Duncan:i got addicted to a losing game
                                Me:i got addicted to a song that won eurovision😂😂

                                • elif ataman
                                  elif ataman  20 hours back

                                  my top 10 winner 2000-2019

                                  10. Serbia 2007
                                  9. Ukraine 2004
                                  8. Germany 2010
                                  7. Denmark 2013
                                  6. Turkey 2003
                                  5. Finland 2006
                                  4. Greece 2005
                                  3. Sweden 2012
                                  2. Norway 2009
                                  1. The Netherlands 2019

                                  • Arnau Borrell Soler
                                    Arnau Borrell Soler  21 hours back

                                    Voice? Excelent
                                    Country? Awesome
                                    Hotel? Trivago

                                  • NorraNN
                                    NorraNN  22 hours back


                                    • Dewie Kleijn
                                      Dewie Kleijn  22 hours back

                                      The performance number : 12
                                      Judges votes: 12 points ! 🥰
                                      The number 12 is the lucky number. 😍

                                      • lil nicolas groote bolle
                                        lil nicolas groote bolle  24 hours back

                                        Zo mooixxx

                                        • Сруби Бабла в Интернете

                                          Про что песня?

                                        • Seoul Raihan
                                          Seoul Raihan  1 days back

                                          2:30 should be the poster of ESC.

                                          • Average Loser
                                            Average Loser  1 days back

                                            Must admit, this song didn’t really appeal to me when it initially won but over recent weeks, I’ve come to really appreciate it. I’m glad he did win in the end. Great voice.

                                            • Taner Kuruoğlu
                                              Taner Kuruoğlu  1 days back

                                              A nice song, but he didn't deserve to get the title!

                                              • Kaatje kok
                                                Kaatje kok  16 hours back

                                                Sorry for you, but he did get the Title and he deserved it!!

                                            • Roys Memes
                                              Roys Memes  1 days back

                                              Voice? Good
                                              Song ? Great
                                              Performance? Super
                                              Win? Deserved
                                              Hotel? Trivago

                                              • Влад Хмельниченко

                                                Проходят недели и года, но Дункан в сердце навсегда!

                                                • Erin Siahaan
                                                  Erin Siahaan  2 days back


                                                • Nie klikaj w ten kanał


                                                  • Ульяна и Варя


                                                    • yvonne verkerk
                                                      yvonne verkerk  2 days back

                                                      Ik ben Nederland

                                                      • Lander Desramault
                                                        Lander Desramault  2 days back


                                                        • Angora
                                                          Angora  2 days back

                                                          Me singing about Hatari:

                                                          • rachel _nje
                                                            rachel _nje  2 days back

                                                            i love you ducan

                                                            • rachel _nje
                                                              rachel _nje  2 days back

                                                              kan ducan naar my huis komen

                                                              • Burning Diamond
                                                                Burning Diamond  2 days back

                                                                I’ve listed this 23 times think it’s an issue?

                                                                • Lionel Waterval
                                                                  Lionel Waterval  2 days back

                                                                  Goed gedaan ducan ooooooohhhh

                                                                  • Laurens RULKENS
                                                                    Laurens RULKENS  2 days back

                                                                    Norway was better Italy was better but we won 🤣🤣🤣

                                                                    • Besion Gaming
                                                                      Besion Gaming  2 days back

                                                                      Super song Love from Nasa

                                                                      • Laura Richardson
                                                                        Laura Richardson  2 days back

                                                                        Greetings from the UK. Italy is still my favourite song from eurovision 2019. Love Italy! Love Mahmood!
                                                                        That being said, Duncan has a beautiful voice and is a worthy winner. Well done Netherlands. Some excellent songs this year

                                                                        • Семенников Дмитрий

                                                                          Best of all. With love from Russia

                                                                          • Maren Krüger
                                                                            Maren Krüger  2 days back

                                                                            Sehr schön 😍

                                                                            • djx1985
                                                                              djx1985  2 days back

                                                                              Kompresja dzwieku jak mp3 128 kbps przy max jakości. To ma być Eurowizja?

                                                                              • Kanarie 53
                                                                                Kanarie 53  2 days back

                                                                                I still can believe we won after 44 years

                                                                                • Uni Unicorns
                                                                                  Uni Unicorns  2 days back

                                                                                  I was screaming so hard when the netherlands won in 44 years I woke my little sister up and parents where mad ❤️ you Duncan from the netherlands😛

                                                                                • Daan Ruumpol
                                                                                  Daan Ruumpol  3 days back

                                                                                  Still goos bumps