24/7 Lofi Hiphop Radio - Beats to Study/Game/Relax


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  • Ricky Bash
    Ricky Bash  4 days back

    This is awesome. If you'd like contact us to post your songs on playlist. Shoot us a subscribe or email.

    • Alex Nguyen
      Alex Nguyen  5 days back

      615 hours!!!!??????!!!!

      • LO - PHYER
        LO - PHYER  6 days back

        I just put out a lofi tune myself, please go give it a listen if you got a sec 💙

        • HeyItsEm
          HeyItsEm  6 days back

          Houston, we have a problem...

          • mewpiii
            mewpiii  6 days back

            Sad day

            • Jab Cap
              Jab Cap  6 days back

              Her name was 88. May her soul RIP. =/

              • Cha Ching
                Cha Ching  7 days back

                RIP to the legend

                • Lone :3
                  Lone :3  1 weeks back

                  Longest video on youtube i guess

                  • Damien Donoho
                    Damien Donoho  1 weeks back

                    I can't believe es gone

                    • Eyeless Gaming
                      Eyeless Gaming  1 weeks back

                      Where is bolt

                      • Patty Gustavus
                        Patty Gustavus  1 weeks back

                        Bad news she went into the asteroid belt and the satellite dish broke. So we lost transmission from her.

                        • Lighty Lemonade
                          Lighty Lemonade  1 weeks back

                          Pls put it back :(

                          • Mr. Music
                            Mr. Music  1 weeks back


                            • Kae Sunico
                              Kae Sunico  1 weeks back

                              “Come in, Cadet! This is mission control we’ve lost contact. Can you hear us?”

                              • A_B_M_S
                                A_B_M_S  1 weeks back

                                fuck i was playing minecraft and it stopped

                                • Charles W.
                                  Charles W.  1 weeks back

                                  Sir, we've lost transmission. Space Girl has gone rogue. I repeat, Space Girl has gone rogue.

                                  • The Lunex
                                    The Lunex  1 weeks back

                                    wHY U DELETE

                                    • FishizzleBoy
                                      FishizzleBoy  1 weeks back

                                      And Caesar weeped for there were no more LoFi tunes to listen to.

                                      • Scott Tonner
                                        Scott Tonner  1 weeks back