OFFICIAL RECAP: All 41 songs of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest


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  • indie label
    indie label  1 weeks back

    The best one is Arcade, of course.

    • Mancx !
      Mancx !  3 weeks back

      *My Top 10 after the Grand Final*

      1. Iceland🇮🇸
      2. France🇫🇷
      3. Cyprus🇨🇾

      4. Azerbaijan🇦🇿
      5. Greece🇬🇷
      6. Netherlands🇳🇱
      7. San Marino🇸🇲
      8. Norway🇳🇴
      9. Switzerland🇨🇭
      10. Australia🇦🇺

      • Labbish
        Labbish  4 weeks back

        I'm from Finland, and my 12 points are going for Albania, Belgium Azerbaijan and Norway. I know, Norway, but their song deserved it. So this is my neightbour nordic voting.

        • alex derpy racc
          alex derpy racc  4 weeks back

          Wow I never thought the Netherlands would win because the song isn't that good tbh Norway was better

          • Maxime Peeters
            Maxime Peeters  4 weeks back

            Portugal is my favorite song this year and it didn’t qualify

            I am 🇧🇪🇭🇺 and both didn’t qualify

            I had no hope so The Netherlands was my closest choice I was rooting for them

            They won and I cried lol I was so happy

            • Erica Raths
              Erica Raths  1 months back

              Italy was fiiiine😍

              • Giorgos Klln
                Giorgos Klln  1 months back


                • Eli Daze
                  Eli Daze  1 months back

                  Albania- I like the ethnic, dramatic vibe it has. Not among my favorites but I have no problem with it.
                  Armenia- one of those songs I just kind of forget about. It's not bad but it's sort of generic and I just wasn't that into it.
                  Australia-I loved this one and the whole performance. Something ethereal and magical about it.
                  Austria-kind of boring tbh. It puts me to sleep.
                  Azerbaijan-it's catchy and I like it, but I'm not as in love with it as some others.
                  Belarus-overly repetitive and generic, I've just never really liked it
                  Belgium-I like this one, the performance was lackluster and I can understand why some might find it boring.
                  Croatia-meh, I think it's kind of overly dramatic , I wouldn't listen to it for fun
                  Cyprus-kind of generic but catchy enough. She was rocking that pink outfit in the video.
                  Czech Republic- it's catchy, fun, and happy. There is something a little cringey about it but I don't mind.
                  Denmark-cute and light song and it sends a nice message
                  Estonia-he strains too much for those notes but the song is fine if kind of generic
                  Finland-ugh, I've never liked it, I feel the same about it as I do about the Belarussian song
                  France- it's fine, not the most original song but I have no problem with it
                  Georgia- he and his song scare me. Not particularly catchy either.
                  Germany-kind of overly dramatic and and they sound like they're whining
                  Greece-I like her voice and the song as well, sounds like a song for a movie trailer
                  Hungary-meh, I wasn't feeling it and found it kind of boring
                  Iceland-I used to dislike it but now I love it, it's so different and edgy
                  Ireland-you know, her voice is fine and the song isn't terrible but it's kind of bland and forgettable
                  Israel-a little dramatic but I like it well enough, an emotional song here and there isn't bad
                  Italy-loved it, it's contemporary and original
                  Latvia-I like it, it has a spellbinding quality to it and it's different
                  Lithuania-meh, it's generic
                  Malta-kind of generic but it's catchy. The chameleon part is starting to tire me though
                  Moldova-I forget about this song all the time, that's how much I like it
                  Montenegro-seems like a church youth group got together to make the least edgy song possible. Wholesome but doesn't do much for me tbh.
                  North Macedonia- I don't know how the heck it did so well, I just don't see the hype.
                  Norway- so Eurovision and I love every second of it. It's so catchy and it's one of those not so guilty pleasures for me
                  Poland-I love this song and the way they performed it, I wish more people would have paid attention to it. It could work in like Wes Anderson film trailer or something.
                  Portugal-I love this song, so interesting and unique.
                  Romania-meh, it's okay but her voice is kind of annoying
                  Russia-I honestly don't get the hype. It is not the least bit catchy and it's so overly dramatic. It tries so hard to sound epic but it just doesn't do anything for me.
                  San Marino- okay so, it's sort of like Norway. Kind of a meme but still catchy. I try not to think about the metoo vibes some of the lyrics give me though-
                  Serbia-she sings well but the song is just meh for me
                  Slovenia-I like that it's so minimal and so different from everything else.
                  Spain-gives me World Cup vibes. It's fine but not one of my favorites, I like the energy though.
                  Sweden-I like it, I'll admit I've jammed out to it more than once
                  Switzerland-tries a little hard to seem cool and sexy but it's catchy enough, not one of my favorites though.
                  The Netherlands-I think it's a good song and the performance was good too, I'm happy it won.
                  United Kingdom-ugh, it bores me to death. It's so generic and not even catchy.

                  Top 5: Italy, Portugal, Australia, Poland, Iceland (Netherlands and Norway are probably a close 6th and 7th)
                  Bottom 3: UK, Finland, Belarus, Moldova, Russia (though North Macedonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Austria and Serbia get a big MEH from me since they all put me to sleep)

                  It wasn't the most amazing year but it also wasn't terrible and it was at least a bit more fun than 2018, where almost everyone wanted to be really serious and dramatic (which is why I think Israel won, because it was fun, quirky, and energetic while still sending a good message). I don't think all the songs sound the same (honestly, anyone who listens to them carefully and more than once would be able to tell that) but there are, as usual, several generic songs but it's not a big deal. Of course, taste is subjective and everyone has a right to their opinion (though let's remember opinions are not facts) but I definitely don't think this year was all trash. I still think Eurovision of the 2010s has much better entries as a whole than Eurovision of the 2000s, perhaps that's because my mind isn't shrouded by nostalgia since I didn't know about the contest back then and got into it a few years ago or maybe my tastes are just different than that of many fans, who often glorify the contest's past and constantly attack how it is now. It often seems though like the classic case of people thinking that just because something is older or from their past that it's automatically better than anything newer or in their present without giving the new stuff a real, fair chance, I see people do it with everything from movies to singers and fashion. I also think many people outside of Europe are now checking out the contest and many have preconceived notions about Eurovision, that it's all bad and generic. I mean, do you know how many songs exist since the beginning of music? We can't expect every song to sound completely different from every other song in existence and be a masterpiece, no song is really completely original or universally adored and no type of music is objectively better than any other type. I think Sobral's win in 2017 has unleashed or summoned many rude music snobs, I'm noticing more of them now than I did a few years ago when I discovered Eurovision. Really, look at the history of the contest, it's been a long time since it was purely about the music (it kind of never was, in a way) and that's all right, it's also okay to have fun, watch an interesting show (and what's so bad about a little spectacle anyway, it makes things more exciting and memorable and as long as it's not the sole deciding factor in people's minds I don't see the issue with it, a performance can be visual as well and nothing is wrong with that), and be united by the universal language of music. We don't have to be catty and fight each other constantly, dividing ourselves by what music we like because that's not what Eurovision is all about and, at the end of the day and regardless of your tastes, we are all music lovers and that alone should be enough to bring us together in the spirit of the contest, which is supposed to unite nations through music. Ooh, sorry for the rant, just needed to let out some things :)

                  • Nico Jeskanen
                    Nico Jeskanen  1 months back


                    • SimsMoyal
                      SimsMoyal  2 months back

                      Scores from 0 to 10
                      Albania - 6, Armenia - 4, Australia - 5, Austria - 4, Azerbaijan - 10, Belarus - 6, Belgium - 8, Croatia - 5, Cyprus - 7,
                      Czech Republic - 7, Denmark - 7, Estonia - 9, Finland - 5, France - 6, Georgia - 5, Germany - 4, Greece - 1, Hungary - 7,
                      Iceland - 0, Ireland - 8, Israel - 5, Italy - 7, Latvia - 0, Lithuania - 10, Malta - 7, Moldova - 7, Montenegro - 8, North Macedonia - 10
                      Norway - 10, Poland - 10, Portugal - 2, Romania - 7, Russia - 6, San Marino - 8, Serbia - 3, Slovenia - 8, Spain - 9, Sweden - 2,
                      Switzerland - 9, Netherlands - 7, United Kingdom - 8,

                      Best Song - Norway - went to win it, should have won it, didn't, that's too bad.
                      Worst Song - Iceland - just went to make a lot of provocations so it doesn't matter anyway.

                      • symmetrical now
                        symmetrical now  2 months back

                        me right now: 6:58

                        • Lola The Dog
                          Lola The Dog  2 months back

                          My faves (not in order)-
                          Armenia 🇦🇲
                          Australia 🇦🇺
                          Belarus 🇧🇾
                          Czech Republic 🇨🇿
                          Denmark 🇩🇰 (sozzz)
                          Estonia 🇪🇪
                          Finland 🇫🇮
                          France 🇫🇷
                          Germany 🇩🇪
                          Greece 🇬🇷
                          Iceland 🇮🇸 (the best :D)
                          Ireland 🇮🇪 (it’s addictive, ok?)
                          Italy 🇮🇹
                          Malta 🇲🇹
                          Moldova 🇲🇩
                          Norway 🇳🇴 (second best)
                          Russia 🇷🇺
                          Serbia 🇷🇸
                          Spain 🇪🇸
                          Sweden 🇸🇪
                          Switzerland 🇨🇭
                          The Netherlands 🇳🇱

                          This took my forever .-.

                          • Jada Mariieee
                            Jada Mariieee  2 months back

                            1) UK

                            • Turac Ramazanzadə
                              Turac Ramazanzadə  2 months back

                              Thank you
                              I am from Azerbaijan
                              ♡AZ ♡AZ♡ AZ ♡AZ ♡AZ♡

                              • Miah
                                Miah  2 months back

                                Wtf was this, Portugal? 😂😂

                                • FNNIF
                                  FNNIF  2 months back

                                  Michela: Na na na
                                  Serhat: Na na na
                                  Netta: Na na na

                                  • mancx !
                                    mancx !  2 months back

                                    Poland and Lithuania got robbed

                                    • DieTok 2.0
                                      DieTok 2.0  2 months back

                                      My top 10
                                      the netherderlands
                                      North Macedonië
                                      Chezh rebublic

                                    • Joe Palumbo
                                      Joe Palumbo  3 months back

                                      These songs are so bad, Australia’s was just awful lol

                                      • PauloDybalaGamer_2569
                                        PauloDybalaGamer_2569  3 months back

                                        my top 41

                                        01 Netherlands/Duncan Laurence/Arcade
                                        02 Iceland/Hatari/Hatrid Mun Sigra
                                        03 Switzerland/Luca Hanni/She Got Me
                                        04 Italy/Mahmood/Soldi
                                        05 Azerbaijan/Chingiz/Truth
                                        06 Norway/KEiiNO/Spirit In The Sky
                                        07 Spain/Miki/La Venda
                                        08 Cyprus/Tamta/Replay
                                        09 Czech Republic/Lake Malawi/Friend Of A Friend
                                        10 Belgium/Eliot/Wake Up
                                        11 Sweden/John Lundvik/Too Late For Love
                                        12 Romania/Ester Peony/On A Sunday
                                        13 Russia/Sergey Lazarev/Scream
                                        14 Armenia/SRBUK/Walking Out
                                        15 United Kingdom/Michael Rice/Bigger Than Us
                                        16 Portugal/Conan Osiris/Telemoveis
                                        17 Malta/Michela/Chameleon
                                        18 France/Bilal Hassani/Roi
                                        19 Greece/Katerine Duska/Better Love
                                        20 Belarus/ZENA/Like It
                                        21 Estonia/Victor Crone/Storm
                                        22 North Macedonia/Tamara Todevska/Proud
                                        23 Serbia/Nevena Bozovic/Kruna
                                        24 Albania/Jonida Maliqi/Ktheju Tokes
                                        25 Australia/Kate Miller-Heide/Zero Gravity
                                        26 Lithuania/Jurijus/Run With The Lions
                                        ------------------------------non qualifiers------------------------------
                                        27 Slovenia/Zala & Gasper/Sebi
                                        28 San Marino/Serhat/Say Na Na Na
                                        29 Hungary/Joci Papai/Az en Apam
                                        30 Finland/Darude Ft. Sebastian Rejman/Look Away
                                        31 Croatia/Roko Blazevic/The Dream
                                        32 Moldova/Anna Odobescu/Stay
                                        33 Denmark/Leonora/Love is Forever
                                        34 Poland/Tulia/Pali Sie
                                        35 Germany/S!sters/Sister
                                        36 Ireland/Sarah McTernan/22
                                        37 Israel/Kobi Marimi/Home
                                        38 Latvia/Carousel/That Night
                                        39 Georgia/Oto Nemsadze/Sul Tsin Iare
                                        40 Austria/Paenda/Limits
                                        41 Montenegro/D-Mol/Heaven

                                        • Russianman 1010
                                          Russianman 1010  3 months back

                                          What the heck? Where is Kazakhstan?!

                                        • Mis random
                                          Mis random  3 months back

                                          Watch 11:14 in 1.5 speed

                                          • Andrija Ciric
                                            Andrija Ciric  3 months back

                                            place number 1 SERBIA
                                            number 2 MALTA
                                            number 3 SWITZERLAND
                                            number 4 NETHERLANDS
                                            number 5 AUSTRALIA
                                            number 6 CYPRUS
                                            number 7 CROATIA
                                            number 8 BELGIUM
                                            number 9 GREECE
                                            number 10 NORTH MACEDONIA

                                            • Anonymous 7
                                              Anonymous 7  3 months back

                                              1. Russia 🇷🇺
                                              2. The Netherlands🇱🇺
                                              3. Malta 🇲🇹

                                              • Eggy Moose
                                                Eggy Moose  3 months back

                                                It makes sense UK were last in this video

                                                • cliquebait
                                                  cliquebait  3 months back

                                                  is portugal okay??

                                                  • Italian Anime Nerd
                                                    Italian Anime Nerd  3 months back

                                                    I'm American and I know that this is over but ...
                                                    1. Hungary
                                                    2. Armenia
                                                    3. Serbia
                                                    4. Montenegro
                                                    5. Romania
                                                    Are my real top five :)

                                                    • Maja Mrak
                                                      Maja Mrak  3 months back

                                                      Iceland 🇮🇸!

                                                      • MIXXXENIAL baby
                                                        MIXXXENIAL baby  3 months back

                                                        I like Portugal 💯

                                                        • LUUSE PUPE
                                                          LUUSE PUPE  3 months back

                                                          Montenegro's background music is from piano tiles haha

                                                          • Рустам Рустам

                                                            Мне Группа из Чехии понравилась, хотя я думаю песня не конкурсная, но такая легкая)

                                                            • Automobile LTD
                                                              Automobile LTD  4 months back

                                                              my top 20 (warning very weird opinion)
                                                              13.czech republic
                                                              4.north macedonia
                                                              (from georgia)

                                                              • Kevin Chau
                                                                Kevin Chau  4 months back

                                                                Personal favorite to least favorite (Sweden's not included because that's where I'm from):

                                                                1. Azerbaijan
                                                                2. Italy
                                                                3. Malta
                                                                4. The Netherlands
                                                                5. Belarus
                                                                6. Switzerland
                                                                7. Norway
                                                                8. United Kingdom
                                                                9. Czech Republic
                                                                10. Cyprus
                                                                11. Denmark
                                                                12. Austria
                                                                13. Moldava
                                                                14. Lithuania
                                                                15. Armenia
                                                                16. Ireland
                                                                17. Montenegro
                                                                18. Russia
                                                                19. Serbia
                                                                20. North Macedonia
                                                                21. Israel
                                                                22. Greece
                                                                23. Germany
                                                                24. Romania
                                                                25. Spain
                                                                26. Slovenia
                                                                27. Finland
                                                                28. Estonia
                                                                29. Croatia
                                                                30. France
                                                                31. Belgium
                                                                32. Albania
                                                                33. Hungary
                                                                34. San Marino
                                                                35. Iceland
                                                                36. Latvia
                                                                37. Australia
                                                                38. Georgia
                                                                39. Portugal
                                                                40. Poland

                                                                • ramzy aziz bahmid
                                                                  ramzy aziz bahmid  4 months back

                                                                  SAN MARINO

                                                                  • Finley ESC
                                                                    Finley ESC  4 months back

                                                                    1. Spirit in the sky - Norway 🇳🇴
                                                                    2. Arcade - Netherlands 🇳🇱
                                                                    3. Hatrid mun sigra - Iceland 🇮🇸

                                                                    • Juan Martin Reborati
                                                                      Juan Martin Reborati  4 months back

                                                                      Barely any european... haha

                                                                      • An Malitsa
                                                                        An Malitsa  4 months back

                                                                        Russia ♥️

                                                                        • Dudecai the Spawn of Satan

                                                                          I forgot about half of these

                                                                          • Melanie
                                                                            Melanie  4 months back

                                                                            Random person: who are you?
                                                                            Me: 7:51

                                                                            • Павел Лещенко

                                                                              Абсолютно ничего не зацепило + немного разочаровывает, что большинство поёт на англ, а не на своих языках....

                                                                              • FAN of Eurovision Song Contest Netherlands

                                                                                I LIKE IT all songs 😍 but the best songs are: Greece 🇬🇷 and Cyprus 🇨🇾.

                                                                                • Annika Berrendorf
                                                                                  Annika Berrendorf  4 months back

                                                                                  My favorites are Netherlands and Switzerland 😍

                                                                                  • rabnif
                                                                                    rabnif  4 months back

                                                                                    So proud Michael

                                                                                    • Tryggvi Antonsson
                                                                                      Tryggvi Antonsson  4 months back

                                                                                      Norway would have only had 91 points without the bald guy

                                                                                      • My Piano Music
                                                                                        My Piano Music  4 months back

                                                                                        Edit: wow! 100 likes! Most i've ever gotten

                                                                                        0:05 Albania - Jonida Maliqi - Ktheju Tokës - 9th Second Semi Final - 17th Grand Final
                                                                                        0:28 Armenia - Srbuk - Walking out - 16th Second Semi Final - Not Placed

                                                                                        0:52 Australia - Kate Miller-Heidke - Zero Gravity - 1th first semi final - 9nth Grand Final
                                                                                        1:14 Austria - PÆNDA - Limits - 17th second semi final - not placed
                                                                                        1:36 Azerbaijan - Chingiz - Truth - 5th second semi final - 8th Grand Final
                                                                                        1:58 Belarus - ZENA - Like it - 10th First Semi Final - 24th Grand Final
                                                                                        2:20 Belgium - Eliot - Wake Up - 13th First Semi Final - Not Placed
                                                                                        2:44 Croatia - Roko - The Dream - 14th Second Semi Final - Not Placed
                                                                                        3:08 Cyprus - Tamta - Replay - 9th First Semi Final - 13th Grand Final
                                                                                        3:30 Czech Republic - Lake Malawi - Friend of a Friend - 2nd first semi final - 11th Grand Final
                                                                                        3:54 Denmark - Leonora - Love is Forever - 10th Second Semi Final - 12th Grand Final
                                                                                        4:18 Estonia - Victor Crone - Storm - 4th First Semi Final - 20th Grand Final
                                                                                        4:39 Finland - Darude ft. Sebastian Rejman - Look Away - 17th First Semi Final - Not Placed
                                                                                        5:00 France - Bilal Hassani - Roi - 16th Grand Final
                                                                                        5:22 Georgia - Oto Nemsadze - Sul Tsin Iare - 14th Second Semi Final - Not Placed
                                                                                        5:42 Germany - S!sters - Sisters - 25th Grand Final
                                                                                        6:05 Greece - Katerina Duska - Better Love - 5th First Semi Final - 21th Grand Final
                                                                                        6:26 Hungary - Joci Pápai - Az Én Apám - 12th First Semi Final - Not Placed
                                                                                        6:49 Iceland - Hatari - Hatrið Mun Sigra - 3rd First Semi Final - 10th Grand Final
                                                                                        7:10 Ireland - Sarah McTernan - 22 - 18th Second Semi Final - Not Placed
                                                                                        7:30 Israel - Kobi Marimi - Home - 23th Grand Final
                                                                                        7:53 Italy - Mahmood - Soldi - 2nd Grand Final
                                                                                        8:14 Latvia - Carousel - That night - 15th Second Semi Final - Not Placed
                                                                                        8:34 Lithuania - Jurij Veklenko - Run With The Lions - 11th Second Semi Final - Not Placed
                                                                                        8:52 Malta - Michela - Chameleon - 8th Second Semi Final - 14th Grand Final
                                                                                        9:16 Moldova - Anna Odobescu - Stay - 12th Second Semi Final - Not Placed
                                                                                        9:39 Montenegro - D Mol - Heaven - 16th First Semi Final - Not Placed
                                                                                        10:00 North Macedonia - Tamara Todevska - Proud - 2nd Second Semi Final - 7th Grand Final
                                                                                        10:22 Norway - KEiiNO - Spirit in the Sky - 7th Second Semi Final - 6th Grand Final
                                                                                        10:43 Poland - Tulia - Fire of Love - 11th First Semi Final - Not Placed
                                                                                        11:03 Portugal - Conan Osíris - Telemóveis - 15th First Semi Final - Not Placed
                                                                                        11:24 Romania - Ester Peony - On a Sunday - 13th Second Semi Final - Not Placed
                                                                                        11:46 Russia - Sergej Lazarev - Scream - 6th Second Semi Final - 3rd Grand Final
                                                                                        12:10 San Marino - Serhat - Say Na Na Na - 8th First Semi Final - 19th Grand Final
                                                                                        12:33 Serbia - Nevena Božović - Kruna - 7th First Semi Final - 18th Grand Final
                                                                                        12:56 Slovenia - Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl - Sebi - 6th First Semi Final - 15th Grand Final
                                                                                        13:14 Spain - Miki - La Venda - 22nd Grand Final
                                                                                        13:37 Sweden - John Lundvik - 3rd Second Semi Final - 5th Grand Final
                                                                                        13:59 Switzerland - Luca Hänni - She Got Me - 4th Second Semi Final - 4th Grand Final
                                                                                        14:22 The Netherlands - Duncan Laurance - 1st Second Semi Final - WINNER
                                                                                        14:43 UK - Michael Rice - Bigger Than Us - Last Place

                                                                                        Oof This too like 45 minutes to make XD

                                                                                        • My Piano Music
                                                                                          My Piano Music  1 months back

                                                                                          @Sanders np

                                                                                        • Sanders
                                                                                          Sanders  1 months back

                                                                                          @My Piano Music oh okay sorry :D

                                                                                        • My Piano Music
                                                                                          My Piano Music  1 months back

                                                                                          @Sanders because I needed to google all the information etc. I didnt do this from my head

                                                                                        • Sanders
                                                                                          Sanders  1 months back

                                                                                          how did this take you over 45 minutes if the video is only 15 minutes?

                                                                                        • My Piano Music
                                                                                          My Piano Music  2 months back

                                                                                          @lauræn yeha sry guys, im not the best at english 😂

                                                                                      • Giorgos Klln
                                                                                        Giorgos Klln  4 months back


                                                                                        • uacbpa
                                                                                          uacbpa  4 months back

                                                                                          Some of the songs are ok, some are good. WTF was Australia thinking!!!! And how on Earth did Italy come second with that?