• Published: 28 May 2019

    Every girl knows that being well-groomed is very hard work and it requires a lot of money. That’s why we prepared a video with life-changing makeup tips that will ease your beauty routine and save a ton of money.
    Here are the best beauty secrets you should share with your friends:
    - Try a natural way to remove underarm hair: mix coffee, lemon juice, and toothpaste
    - If you need to quickly dry your hair, put a plastic bag on your head and dry it with a hair drier as usual
    - Clean your cosmetic brushes using a strainer and liquid soap
    - You can easily clean a flat iron using a towel and Coke. Yes, it sounds crazy but you totally should try!
    - Replace your nail polish remover with lemon juice
    - Use sticky tape to exfoliate chapped lips. Don’t forget to use daily lip balm to moisturize your lips
    - Use wax to correct your brows
    - Check out how to color your hair using highlighter and hair conditioner
    - Replace your lip gloss with food coloring
    - Find a cheap and easy way to make a faux nose ring
    - If you are out of eyeliner, replace it with a simple pencil. Place it in warm water for several minutes and use it as eyeliner. Moreover, you can use it to line lips
    - Use soap to style brows. Scrub eyebrow brush over a soap bar and then brush your eyebrows
    - Aloe vera gel is a perfect treatment for dark circles. Squeeze a bit of aloe vera gel onto a cotton pad. Place cotton pads into ziplock bag and place in the freezer. Use them when needed, apply for 10 minutes. You will love the result
    - Make cheap blusher from lipstick and face cream. Mix lipstick with cream in an empty powder container
    - If you have droopy eyelids, check out how to use lash glue for makeup

    00:09 Coffee for underarm hair
    00:47 Quick way to dry your hair
    02:40 Sticky tape for chapped lips
    03:57 A cheap way to color your hair
    05:35 DIY faux nose ring

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  • Lonni Love
    Lonni Love  1 months back

    3:05 u could've just used lip balm for th lips in the first place that's what it's made for your lips.

    • marwa ms
      marwa ms  2 months back

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        Malak Kika  2 months back

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          • Βασιλης Κατσουλης

            what is the name of the actor ?

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              • Kamila Demko
                Kamila Demko  2 months back

                00:28 ja bym sie wstydziła pokazać pache a tak wogule to serjo sie gupio , brzytko usimiechasz. To uśmiech z bajki?? •_•

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                  Ali Ali  2 months back

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                          Gfran Gfran  2 months back

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                            • Elifnur Karslı
                              Elifnur Karslı  2 months back

                              Şu yazılar lütfen Türkçe olsun

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                                Waeel WAEL  2 months back

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                                  بتعرفوا انو الشعر المستعار حرام لانو النبي علیه الصلاه و السلام جاءته مراه تساله ان ابنتها شعرها کله سقط و عرسها 👸قریب و هل ممکن ترکب شعر قال لها لعن الله الواصلة و المستوصله
                                  الواصله هي التي ترکب الشعر الاصطناعي للي بدا یاه
                                  والمستوصله هي التي یرکبولها الشعر 💇
                                  اذا اول مره تعرفي خلیلی لایک و تعلیق حلو

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                                            سارة جفافلية  3 months back

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