BMW 3 Series India Review

  • Published: 21 August 2019
  • We've already driven the 7th Generation 3 Series and told you all about it and finally it's been launched in India. The India-spec 3 Series comes with a few changes but they aren't major and there's one petrol and a diesel engine on offer. We drive the car on Indian roads to find out if it still sets the benchmark in its segment!

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Comments • 40

  • whatever04
    whatever04  4 weeks back

    9:33 - Thrill and kill? No thanks 🙄🙏

    • Ramakrishnan S
      Ramakrishnan S  1 months back

      I've been following c&b show for years and Siddharth's commentary has been the best. There are so many other car reviewers these days but the quality and clarity of his presentation is by far the best. Simple, concise and beautiful use of language. It used to be a ritual to watch this show at dinner when I was at high school, some 8 years ago :))

      • brijesh singh
        brijesh singh  1 months back

        320d bs6 or bs4 engine

        • brijesh singh
          brijesh singh  1 months back

          320d is bs6 hai ya bs4

          • Jason Ray
            Jason Ray  2 months back

            Petrol version has better performance and driving experience than diesel version which is overall horrible.

            • john miller
              john miller  2 months back

              I failed to understand one thing why bmw changed the alloy wheel design of this car while they are offering better looking alloy wheels on their international models ! Even m sports version is lots more different in india than global version ! Why these car companies think we indians are idiots???? Easy to fool !nobody should buy these cars !

              • crispy cracker
                crispy cracker  2 months back

                There are no rear curtains?

                • A V
                  A V  3 months back

                  Someone had one too many drinks last night...

                  • Ashish Prasad
                    Ashish Prasad  3 months back

                    One of the worst looking DRLs (luxury line) and alloy wheels 🤦🏻‍♂️

                    • Gaurav Pareek
                      Gaurav Pareek  3 months back

                      A big fan of your reviews bro but you need a haircut, your appearance always added a lot of value to your reviews being a much respected presentator. Just a very honest opinion.

                      • Yousuf Meeran
                        Yousuf Meeran  3 months back

                        Looks very Lexus from rear.

                        • MrDooars
                          MrDooars  3 months back

                          This car has worst alloys I can ever expect... WHY???

                          • partha sarathy
                            partha sarathy  2 months back

                            @MrDooars actually they are creating a feeling that u r unique and special so for no reason u need to pay 1 lakh or 1000dollars for fake or unrealized pride whether a toyota fortuner will be 10 thousand rupeer or 100 dollars so u r paying for little extra quality premium at a huge pruce

                          • kosti narain
                            kosti narain  3 months back

                            @MrDooars don't buy then,get a cycle

                          • MrDooars
                            MrDooars  3 months back

                            @kosti narain and what about the huge service cost that this vehicle would make me through even after paying so much when I acquire??

                          • kosti narain
                            kosti narain  3 months back

                            Get 330i

                        • Kiran Goud
                          Kiran Goud  3 months back

                          Hey dear

                          Its feels nice as to first to see it on my YouTube wall your video.

                          Just out of curiosity
                          are these luxury cars manufactured with BS6 engines?

                          I mean the one you drove is of BS4 haa

                          • Kedambadi NV
                            Kedambadi NV  3 months back

                            Cars hv to cut down on the chrome bits 🙏🙏 too much chrome in Indian cars...

                          • Harsha Narayan
                            Harsha Narayan  3 months back

                            Headlamps joining the grill with chrome was a great design element on previous gen... Front and rear both looks let down..

                            • Vikas V
                              Vikas V  3 months back

                              can we get this interior in 330i

                              • Kenz300 x
                                Kenz300 x  3 months back

                                Gas and diesels are OLD polluting technology.
                                When will all battery electric vehicles be produced in India ?
                                The Climate Crisis is making the earth hotter.
                                All individuals, politicians and corporations need to make changes to reduce emissions..
                                China is going all in on electric vehicles. What is India waiting for?
                                Auto makers need to sell their newest all electric cars in India and not dump their OLD polluting technology here.

                              • ANANT BANSAL
                                ANANT BANSAL  3 months back

                                They should have given more engine options nd the wheels really very old looking design

                                • kosti narain
                                  kosti narain  3 months back

                                  @ANANT BANSAL yes, what to do? Best option is to replace at dealer

                                • ANANT BANSAL
                                  ANANT BANSAL  3 months back

                                  @kosti narain but in diesel they should also give attractive wheels

                                • kosti narain
                                  kosti narain  3 months back

                                  Get 330i

                              • Faruk Ahmed
                                Faruk Ahmed  3 months back

                                Alloy wheels looks cheaper

                                • Kondapureth
                                  Kondapureth  3 months back

                                  Too much chrome ?

                                • hardy vyas
                                  hardy vyas  3 months back

                                  Amazing fine details of product, greatly appreciate team car &bike

                                  • rohit lad
                                    rohit lad  3 months back

                                    How much is the overall ground clearance and can it tackle the biggest of the speed bumps without scraping its belly?

                                    • Sundar Rajan
                                      Sundar Rajan  3 months back

                                      Yuck 🤢 wheels . Let down the overall design .

                                    • Bhupinder Osan
                                      Bhupinder Osan  3 months back

                                      The best automotive presenter in India!

                                      • Rohit tammineedi
                                        Rohit tammineedi  3 months back

                                        Is the 330i bs6 complained

                                      • Rohit tammineedi
                                        Rohit tammineedi  3 months back

                                        ultimative fahrmaschine

                                        • Roshan Msk
                                          Roshan Msk  3 months back

                                          Looks Cool! New gen 3 series is the best.