• Published: 15 December 2018

    Here is a collection of incredible crafts and hacks for smartphones! No need to go to the store and spend tons of money on phone cases! You can create any case you like using cheap supplies and following our tutorials! Supplies you will need you might already have at home as usually we use everyday items for creating process.
    Let’s start from super-cool phone cases that you can make inly in 5 minutes:
    - Use thread and hot glue gun to make a phone case. Choose any color of thread you like
    - Phone case out of the balloon? Check out the tutorial!
    - Wrap your phone with plastic wrap and make a phone case with the pattern you like
    - Create an awesome galaxy case in 5 minutes! You will need a plain black phone case, blue, pink and glitter nail polish. Use a sponge and add spots in different colors. Paint the finished product with glittery nail polish. Enjoy!
    - Spend a minute and create the phone case out of silicon mold
    - Kitchen hooks are incredibly useful to organize cords. Clue hooks to the plain case
    - Turn your boring phone case into the awesome thermal case in 5 minutes! Cover the clear phone case with a layer of white paint and after that with yellow nail polish. Once it’s completely dry, cover with color-changing nail polish
    - Feathers are great to decorate nearly everything, check out how to decorate your phone case using feathers. You will need a clear phone case, feathers of different colors, glue, and resin. Glue feathers to the phone case and covet with resin

    Besides, there are more crafty ideas for your smartphone! Learn how to make flashlight diffuser with the help of aluminum foil and hot glue gun. Fast and inexpensive tripod could be made from cola bottle and rubber bands. Turn an old shoebox into a smartphone projector. You will need a magnifying glass, shoe box, and binder clip. Now you can enjoy your favorite films with your friends at home!

    00:51 DIY flashlight diffuser
    03:04 DIY galaxy phone case
    04:03 Cut your silicone mold
    05:55 Nail polish thermal case
    08:14 DIY smartphone projector

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              This is very good idea to make my phone looks cool

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                  Did anyone notice that all the phones are mostly androids

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                        At 10:36 I said out loud “who uses that charger anymore” 😂

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                          Billy Buebel  4 days back

                          I would never use hot glue on or around my phone

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