Worst Eurovision Songs By Year (2000-2017)

  • Published: 01 April 2018
  • The worst Eurovision songs from every year since 2000 in my opinion. I challenge you to make it through the whole video!

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    2000: Probably the worst song I've ever heard.
    2001: Others might like it, but this is definitely not my style of music.
    2002: Good performance but awful song
    2003: Weird and creepy
    2004: So childish and basic, it would flop in Junior Eurovision
    2005: They weren't even trying with this one
    2006: Her character and performance is entertaining, but the song is terrible
    2007: I can't last through 30 seconds of this crappy song
    2008: Wouldn't even call it a song
    2009: Even the gypsy's would find this terrible
    2010: So outdated and cheesy
    2011: What the hell?
    2012: Very bad song, but I have to admit I find myself playing it over and over again.
    2013: I guess it's not as bad compared to the others on the list but I find it is a very weak song. Update: I think I would put Macedonia's song here instead now.
    2014: I can see what they were going for here, but it just turned out as a mess.
    2015: Shortest song in Eurovision history is too long, it's just not my style of music.
    2016: This song makes me angry for some reason
    2017: Watching this almost made me throw up
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