iOS audio to midi with Thumbjam and Midi Guitar 2

  • Published: 02 March 2017
  • Audio to midi realtime tracking on iOS.
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Comments • 9

  • tronlady1
    tronlady1  2 years back

    Beautiful! Well done! I can’t get thumb jam to work with my guitar going into a Berenger XR-‘18 😕

    • Amadeu Magalhaes
      Amadeu Magalhaes   2 years back

      The idea is to keep it "simple". Just get a cheap audio interface and there you go.

  • Simeon Perlin
    Simeon Perlin  2 years back

    Thanks what spec is ur iPad? You seem to be having no issues whatsoever

  • Simeon Perlin
    Simeon Perlin  2 years back

    Having all sorts of issue with this promising app using an iPad 4 via presonus interface....what apple device is that? Great vid btw

  • Jim Matheson
    Jim Matheson  3 years back

    Is there a audio interface with midi out that can be used like this at the same time?

  • Juho Sarvanko
    Juho Sarvanko  3 years back

    Nice sound! Works well with the clean one.