• Published: 12 November 2019

    There are so many cool crafts that you can make with cement, clay, gesso, or concrete! These simple materials are truly the sources of eternal creativity and fun. In addition, these materials are very cheap and available everywhere!

    You can improve your garden using cement and concrete sculptures. Learn how to make a cool planter/pond using cement. This looks lovely and it is very useful. Another awesome idea is making planters using balloons.

    Another cool craft to decorate your garden with is cute tinfoil "stones" with googly eyes! You can make lovely eyes using nail polish and glass gems. Decorate these stones with zippers and place them where you like.

    You can even make cool handmade furniture using cement and spare parts. Check out how to make a lovely table here - 6:00.

    In this video, we collected the coolest and the newest life hacks and creative ideas that can help you to make your home and a better and brighter place. Make sure, you check them all out! All of these adorable crafts can serve as amazing gifts to your friends and family members.


    0:29 - A fish pond for your garden
    1:50 - Cement planters
    3:23 - Decorative stones
    6:02 - Cement table
    10:44 -Polymer clay hacks

    We advise adult supervision and care at all times.


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      Fish R.I.P 0:34

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                        A corn keychain 😩

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                          Cocktail straw= plastic straw

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                            I NEVER thought that cement could be used for something other than building houses 😅😅😅😅❤️ thank you 5 minutes crafts

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                                                                                  • Naba Craft & Embroidery

                                                                                    *AMAZING IDEAS WITH CLAY AND CEMENT*

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