Co-citations vs Anchor Text Which Will Win During 2013?


Co-citations vs Anchor Text Which Will Win During 2013?

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How to interpret co-citation analysis in Vosviewer? [Detailed Bibliometrics – co-citations networks]

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In this video we answer the question of a colleague subscribed to the channel: what is the difference between bibliometric analyzes in Vosviewer: 1 co-citation of cited authors (co-citation – cited authors); 2 citations of authors (citation – authors); 3 co-authorship – authors.

This course on bibliometrics (bibliometric analysis) and systematic literature review contributes to master’s and doctoral students who are starting to compose the theoretical framework of articles, monographs, dissertations or theses. This Academia Inovar course presents an overview of the various topics that are covered during the course, where the participant will learn to: Search for articles on the capes periodicals portal; search for articles in the Web of Science database; Download articles from the Web of Science database; Download the references (citations) of the articles in the databases; Apply the Proknow-C method to select a set of articles for the theoretical framework; Apply the Methodi Ordinatio to select a set of articles for the theoretical framework; Conduct a systematic literature review; Bibliometric analysis of co-authorship in Vosviewer; Bibliometric analysis of citations in Vosviewer; Bibliometric analysis of co-citations in Vosviewer; etc.

Complete bibliometrics playlist:


Matching In-Text Citations with Reference Citations

Important citation rule: You cannot list a reference without there being a corresponding in-text citation in one or more sentences in the body of what you are writing.

Co-Citation over Anchor Tags and some Valentine’s Day Love – SEO Lunch

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Matt and Dan have recovered from the ferocious blizzard of 2013 in time to provide you with some lovely Valentine’s Day goodness.

The discussion centers around the arrival of “co-citation” in search engine optimization. What does it mean for your business? Also, the guys talk about the importance of brand recognition and thinking outside the box in your marketing strategy.

Citations vs References (What’s the Difference?)

What’s the difference between a reference and a citation? In this video, I’ll walk you through the differences (and why your professor is probably saying it wrong!) Citations and references are important to get right in order to avoid plagiarism.


0:00 Introduction
0:27 What is a Citation?
0:38 What is a Reference?
0:50 The Relationship Between Citations and References
2:07 Conclusion


This video is part of my referencing mini-course. Skip to the other lessons here:

1 – Why Reference:
2 – Citations vs References:
3 – What is a Scholarly Source:
4 – What is a Peer Reviewed Journal Article:
5 – How to Read a Journal Article:
6 – Can you Cite Wikipedia, Blog Posts & YouTube:
7 – How to Use Google Scholar:
8 – How Many References to Use in an Essay:
9 – Can you Cite Old Sources –

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