Google “Speed Update” is Rolling Out Now for All Users


Google “Speed Update” is Rolling Out Now for All Users

As of today, page speed is now a ranking factor for mobile searches.

SEO in 2021: How To Rank #1 In Google

This Video is All About SEO in 2021 and how to rank number 1 at Google search results All you need to know.
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0:00 Intro
1:51 14 Things to consider in SEO 2021 and beyond
2:35 Write Content On On Angles related to your content
3:47 Frequency of Content Update for SEO in 2021
4:31 Long Formate Content With images and videos
5:06 Always Check Your CTR in Search Engine Optimization
5:46 How to Do seo in 2021 Pro Tip related to CTR
6:06 Always create AMP Pages seo strategy 2021
6:31 Importance of Schema best seo 2021
7:21 Secure With SSL seo for beginners
7:39 Backlinking Strategy best SEO strategy 2021
8:15 Importance of Social Media
8:54 Pro Tip related To Social Media
9:13 Increase Brand Searches learn seo
9:55 Learn About BERT and EAT
11:19 Go For Videos seo techniques
12:20 Worldwide SEO search engine optimization
13:10 Core Web Vitals for how to rank #1 in google?
13:45 Prepare For Google Stories for seo ranking in google
#seo2021 #searchengineoptimization #howtorank#1
by Asbar Ali

BlinkOn 3: Lightning Talks

1:03 Awesome work in Faster DOM Team in Tokyo (Kentaro Hara)
4:03 Better Content Load (Kouhei Ueno)
7:38 Best Effort Sync Scrolling (Sami Kyostila)
9:43 VR (Brandon Jones)
11:20 DevTools Timeline (Paul Irish and Andrey Kosyakov)
16:37 Security (Joel Weinberger)
19:51 Media Source Extensions (Matt Wolenetz)
20:40 CSS Parser (Tim Loh)
21:39 Presentation API (Anton Vayvod)
23:03 Typed Points (Rick Byers)
25:21 Debugging (Philip Jägenstedt)
26:32 Inlining (Tom Hudson)
27:54 Fast CSS Properties (Nat Duca)


Taking CTRL: IT & Digital Marketing Show! Facebook Alerts

Taking CTRL host and SEO Strategist Anthony Kane is joined by Bernie Ollila, the Director of Content & Social Media Marketing at 1SEO, to talk about how Facebook’s new changes will affect users and businesses. Find out more when you visit,

During this week’s whiteboard session, social media specialists Kim O’Malley and Sarah Donley offer a toolbox of Facebook strategies that will help businesses continue to perform well after Facebook’s latest changes. Read more about how best to respond to these changes on our blog:

In Technologically Speaking, Scott Fcasni shares the latest digital news: The data from 21 million users was stolen in the Timehop data breach. Remember, you can protect your information from cybercriminals with two-step verification!

The Digital Buzz:
– The Google Speed Update has now been released
– Amazon is opening up a second Amazon Go store in Seattle
– Snapchat is building a visual search option that will bring up Amazon products

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9 Upgrades To Make Your Bike Faster | Cycling Weekly

Although there are more joys to cycling than simply speed, we’ve surely all felt the urge to go faster.

Consistent training might be the most effective path to upping the pace of your rides but there is a certain delight in the mechanical challenge (and the instant results) of optimising your bike for maximum speed. We can’t deny, we’ve all been tempted by a bling upgrade in our time!

So, without further ado, here are our nine tips for making your bike faster.

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