Optimize Your Site Navigation Using These 4 Steps


Optimize Your Site Navigation Using These 4 Steps

It is essential to consider users' navigational needs when designing your site. Follow these steps to improve visitors experience and conversions.

How to Optimize Your Delivery Route in 5 Steps

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If you want to get home up to an hour earlier, you need the right route optimization software. And, when you’re choosing the right route planner, not all are created equal.

It only takes a couple of minutes to create your first route with Circuit Route Planner and have your route optimized in the fastest order:

1. Add all of your stops
2. Set up your route
3. Hit the ‘Optimize’ button



Step 1: Add all of your stops

1. Tap the ‘Edit button’ on the main screen and add all of your stops.
2. Type in the address you want to add. Circuit will suggest nearby addresses automatically.
3. Pick the correct address.
4. Add any notes, or where the packages are located in your vehicle.
5. Repeat until you’ve added all of your stops.

Step 2: Route set-up

Circuit Route Planner will put your stops in the best order. To do this, we need to know from where you leave in the morning and return in the evening.

1. Open the ‘Edit Route’ screen
2. Find ‘Start Location’ at the top and select ‘Set’.
3. Enter the address you start from (e.g. your home or depot).
4. Set your ‘Depart Time’ if you want Circuit to take into account expected traffic.
5. Repeat for your ‘End Location’.

Step 3: Optimize your route

1. Tap ‘Optimize Route’.
2. We’ll create the best route for you by putting your stops in the most efficient order.

Step 4: Navigating from stop to stop

1. Tap the ‘Start Route’ button.
2. Click ‘Start’ to navigate to your first stop.
3. Once you arrive at the stop, switch back to Circuit and click ‘Done’
6. Repeat for your next stop.

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4 Tips to improve your site navigation to make your website unique!

Follow the 4 tips to be sure to improve your site navigation and make your website unique!

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