Real Link Building in 2016: Scaling Human Effort


#SEJThinkTank Recap: Real Link Building in 2016: Scaling Human Effort

On January 20, 2016 Cody Cahill & Amy Merrill of Page One Power joined Loren Baker & SEJThinkTank for an hour-long webinar about real link building in 2016

Is Tiered Link Building Dead?

In this video, you’ll hear some of the following:

“Tiered link building used in black hat seo practices to manipulate backlinks and increase higher rankings. There are ways to incorporate quote unquote white hat tiered link building methods without having a negative impact and still increase rankings even with all these updates from Google. Now tiered link building basically means you are building links from a variety of sources to your website and you can do this in several ways that are considered white hat tactics you can contribute content to higher ranking sites.

There have been several algorithm updates and many of these updates were directed towards tiered link building. Tiered link building campaign is much more effective when it’s used with other link building tactics take advantage of older domains and repurpose them for your own campaign owning the websites of your first tier can be a very effective campaign strategy. It is essential that you take the time to research and understand the updates and what they mean for your campaign lastly.

So whether you use tiered link building  or not the simple answer in terms of what works best for your site is that your main focus should be on creating a quality site that deserves to be ranked number one with social networks locked in place and Google continuously spending a great deal of time focusing on them if your site is good the users will agree and you will be ranked well so this is not to say that link building should be forgotten or even taken away from your SEO strategies it’s just that you may need to incorporate a new approach to go along with it it’s not one of those aces up your sleeve that you can rely on its own so in short even the best white hat tiered link building campaign is going to be pretty useless unless it’s part of a comprehensive strategy that includes good content.”
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#SEJThinkTank: Real Link Building in 2016: Scaling Human Effort

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Is Link Building Most Important In SEO?

Recorded conversation of our talk on twitter spaces 10/20/2021

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Time Stamps

00:00 – Nat SEO Story
1:58 – Dennis SEO Story
4:22 – Is Link Building Most Important?
15:12 – Kyle Prinsloo Enters The Room
24:18 – Gary Enters The Room
30:10 – Long Tail SEO
39:20 – Keyword Research Tools & Strategies
41:13 – Content Marketing Strategies
53:05 – QA With Audience
53:06 – Impact Of Social Signals
56:35 – Ideal Website Copy
59:40 – Backlinks For Website Copy
1:02:02 – Backlink Outreach
1:07:30 – Keyword Research For Small Business
1:16:10 – Anchor Text & Google My Business
1:19:05 – Getting Reviews
1:25:00 – Are Keywords and Meta Tags Important Still?
1:37:32 – Does Load Time Affect SEO?
1:43:00 – Performance Issues With Plugins
1:48:00 – Should you be reviewing SEO regularly
1:52:20 – Is Caching Important?
1:55:40 – What to do when you get a good ranking?
2:05:05 – Is WordPress Good?

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